Looking for a place that honors and respects your artistic skills and talents with the potential for front page exposure and an opportunity to be featured in TR Magazine? Look no further, TalentRaters is the place for you. At TalentRaters YOU matter as does your artistry, and we offer a personal challenge to you, Dare to be Greater! Aren’t you tired of everyone telling you that you cannot pursue a career in the arts or entertainment industry? We want you to step outside of the box, break the norm, and go for it. At TalentRaters, we support you and believe with the right attitude, hard work, and dedication that you can reach for the stars and pluck yours from the sky. Yes, we believe that anyone with the gifts and the right focus and mentality can rise to stardom! Will every step be easy? No! That’s the beauty of it because when you reach the peak of the mountain top, the rewards awaiting you will be well worth the wait. So let’s get to work.

We at TalentRaters are professional talent scouts so we are always on the lookout. Currently, our primary categories are Music, Dance, Acting, Modeling, Comedy, Sports, and Stunts. TalentRaters currently offers the following:

  1. Free Membership
  2. Free uploads (videos/mp3’s/url’s)
  3. Free Social Site
    • Unlimited Friends
    • Artistic Collaboration
    • Critiquing
    • No artist restrictions
    • Private Messaging
    • Group Chat
  4. FrontPage Exposure
    • Featured Videos
    • Featured Interviews/Articles in TR Magazine
  5. Classifieds
    • Sell Items
    • Purchase top Products
    • Discover new job opportunities
  6. Mobile App
    • Fully compatible and user friendly
    • Android Mobile App releases first (80% of the world uses Android devices)
    • Hiring feature comes with the app


Welcome to TalentRaters. TalentRaters takes great pride in every new member and our worldwide population grows daily. We have built the website in such a way, that if utilized properly, artists can really grow and rise in the industry. Think about it for a moment, a site specifically for artists and talents where they can showcase their works without negative distractions or posts that have nothing to do with art or entertainment. THIS SITE WAS MADE FOR YOU, THE ARTIST. The more artists you friend, the more your network grows, and the more opportunities you will have such as opportunities to collaborate, opportunities to form bands, opportunities to develop touring mates, ability to set up events, and most importantly with the new Hiring feature, you’ll have the ability to be hired doing what you love.


TR MAGAZINE is a magazine that specifically features professional and celebrity talents of every type and top rock bands throughout the world. Our definition of a professional talent is an individual possessing superior skills and abilities in their talent category and one who makes quality content a priority, and of course a celebrity being an individual who is famous or a very well-known person. TalentRaters typically scouts professional and celebrity artists and talents and invites them for interviews for TR MAGAZINE, but we also welcome walk-ins that email us via info@talentraters.com or via our Contact Us page with their interest to be featured in TR MAGAZINE. This is a premier magazine so HD or better images (k4) and videos are required as well as mastered songs. We also require Artists and Talents being featured in TR MAGAZINE to Register For Free allowing us to best showcase and promote them and feature their videos and songs in our Featured Videos Section on the TalentRaters homepage. Since TR MAGAZINE was created and launched by Founder, Joseph C. Bennett, in the fall of 2016, it has been an absolute hit! TR MAGAZINE has been booked a month to a month in a half out at all times showing how serious Artists and Talents are about PR Opportunities and getting their stories out.


TR MAGAZINE conducts 3 types of interviews 1) Paper (most common) 2) Telephone 3) Live Skype. With paper interviews Artists and Talents showing interest will be asked to provide their email, TalentRaters will then provide the Artist or Talent with a series of interview questions in MS Word, interview instructions, and a brief survey. Artists and Talents requesting telephone or live Skype interviews will be provided paper interview questions also, the only difference is that for telephone and live video Skype interviews they will be recorded. TalentRaters is currently offering paper interviews for Free. However, telephone interviews now cost $30 and live Skype interviews cost $60 as much more editing and time is involved with finalizing these audio and video interviews. Once the Artist's or Talent’s articles are published, TalentRaters will share it to all of their social media sites. It is important that the Artist or Talent assist by posting their article link to their social pages and sharing throughout social media and beyond also.


So much work goes into preparing and writing the articles for Artists and Talents for Free. We ask that you please donate what you are capable of. We also ask that you purchase the digital and printed magazine issues as they are released. Being featured in a magazine publication is a very big deal. Every bit helps us to operate and to continue to provide this great resource to Artists and Talentsfor many years to come and we truly appreciate your contribution. The cost of the printed magazine will be high to start given smaller orders, but as demand goes up and magazine orders increase significantly, the cost per printed issue will go down. Let's work together to make that a reality.


This feature exists in the TalentRaters desktop version as well as with the new TR Android HIRE ME TALENT SEARCH APP that can be easily searched in the Google Play Store. Now that we have a nice population of Artists and Talents, what better thing to give them than a super easy user friendly APP that provides them with work. It is important for users to understand that in order to hire a Talent you must be registered as a Talent Seeker. You might ask, “What if I am registered as a Talent and want to hire another Talent?” In this situation, you must register as a Talent Seeker and then you may hire that Talent.


As TalentRaters grows and resources become available it is our desire to produce Artists and Talents that have demonstrated outstanding abilities and proven that they have what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry. We also hope to have instructors that can help develop Artists and Talents. We want to have events where Artists and Talents can perform and also connect with each other as well as industry executives, and assist them in building their audiences. Lastly, we want to meet with our domestic (U.S.) and international artists and help them grow and develop as artists,talents, entertainers, and performers in their countries.

TalentRaters is a family owned company; its owners have both artistic ability and an understanding of what it is to be a working artist. We work for you and we want you to succeed.

TalentRaters is passionate about their ideals and vision to invest in this community, building it into the environment deserving of the artists who populate it.

Register now for free and become a part of the rapidly growing TalentRaters family today!
Instead of leading an ordinary life, Dare To Be Greater at TalentRaters!




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