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Alex English, Sagely Insightful Singer-SongWriter

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  • Thursday,Sep 13, 2018
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Born on February 22, 1996 at United States, New Jersey was a beautiful, smart, multitalented and gifted woman named Alex English. She was a singer song writer for almost 12 years and at the same time, an astonishing hot model in the field of photography, she always have self-produce, performed all the instruments and wrote all songs that she can ever think and hear in her pretty head.

Alexa started writing a song at 12 years old where she had her own aptly titled raw and acoustic album “Below The Concrete’’. According to her, below the concrete came together in a slow and organic way “After one late night writing in my basement, I woke up in the middle of the night with the title ‘’Below the Concrete’’ in my head and at that moment, I decided that no matter how long it takes I’m going to make an album and share my vision.” Apparently, what she learn in Pace University Lubin School of Business with Summa Cum Laude, matches up with the experience she had in the industry. The lessons from the school are very empowering and validating for her as an artist.

She signed in two publishing companies and now having her original song “High of the ground” and releasing her third album “Below the Concrete” containing twenty (20) original songs was also her greatest achievement in the industry of music production.

Just in her early 20’s, Alex is a sagely insightful writer who also crafts adult contemporary pop with sprinkling of the country and soul. She has worked with Bart Schoudel, who was a Grammy nominated in a second time for the album of the year award; one for Justin Bieber’s album, “purposed” and one for Beyonce’s album.

She has been mentored by music bit executive Joey Arbajey, currently Executive Vice President of A and R of Epic Records, and venerated music industry attorney Barry Jay Reiss.

Alexa has established an impressive artist profile through earning awards, accolades, and gigging tirelessly throughout tristate area, playing shows, fundraisers, private events and festivals.

She started in The New Music Weekly Hot 100, AC/HOT AC Chart, top 40 Chart and FMQB Ac Top 200 Chart, and was recently awarded “runner up” for a global song of the year contest for “coffee shop” from below the concrete.

Music always had a huge influence in her life as she has a family who are multi-instrumental and loves to sing and perform. She loves to perform in all the venue she had and she feels relax and happy every time she sings and play her songs for everyone. She never got nervous but the butterflies in her stomach never go away. As for her, excitement feeling turns more into a relaxing feeling.

“Go to School, Get you education and grow yourself in any way you can! Never stop learning.” Alex English said, leaving a motivational advice.

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