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Award Winning Advocacy Campaign of Michele Frantzeskos

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  • Monday,Oct 02, 2017
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By Aiza Chaudry

After presenting you the gorgeous Jennifer Gregorich an amazing photographer and model, TalentRaters introduces the charismatic Michele Frantzeskos of the New York City. Michele is an ambitious Filmmaker, Producer, Writer, Director, Production Manager, Actress, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, supporter of Anti-Bulling Campaigns, Mentor, Advisor, Songwriter, Editor and Guest Speaker. She has been in the business for over 20 years. During her free time, she enjoys writing, acting, singing, and dancing.

platformMichele along with her partner Nancy Vazquez founded RayStar Film and Production. She also has her own company, called Michele Frantzeskos Entertainment and Consulting. Michele and Nancy Vazquez are the writers, directors, and producers behind the film, “The Right To Live” which is based on domestic violence and its debilitating effects on one’s life. The film has received multiple awards in the film festivals, hospitals, and recovery centers. It has also received a proclamation from senators. This film was an accomplishment for Michele, knowing that it spread awareness while also helping save people’s lives from abuse.

The Right To Live won the 2014 Audience Choice Award at the Northeast Film Festival and was also nominated for the 2016 Audience Choice Award at the Hoboken International Film Festival sponsored by Bellevue Hospital and shown at the Harlem Hospital, as well as the Lincoln Recovery Center in New York. The producers intend to show their film nationwide at domestic violence shelters/centers to help victims break free from abuse and subsequently enhance their lives. It also received recognition award from Lincoln Recovery Center in New York and Harlem Hospital. She was also nominated as a Guest speaker at various Charity Events to help put an end to domestic violence. The film has landed distribution with Amazon, ITunes, Google this upcoming month and set to be released in a few months with Netflix and Hulu. The film educates victims that abuse is not their fault and advises them to talk about it to take their power back so they can live an abuse-free life again.

One of her earliest accomplishments in life was with her daughter, Jackie, who happened to be a childhood cancer survivor. Michele feels that she received a blessing from God, giving her another chance in life. This, in turn, makes her want to give back to others as a way of being grateful for what she has achieved in life. Saving lives one step at a time one day at a time by spreading awareness and showing what the tell-tale signs are and where it originates.  Everyone has “The Right to Live” a healthy, positive prosperous life.

Having gained so much knowledge within the film industry, she has learned to become a well-rounded film maker, producer, production manager, writer, director, and actress through years of experience, working on various film sets.  Her current projects include her feature film, as Production Manager, called “Bare Knuckle Brawler” written by Joe Gawalis and Pete Passaro, starring Danny Trejo, Martin Kove, William DeMeo, Peter Passaro, Jesse Kove, Deborah Twiss, John Bianco, Louis Vanaria, and Craig Rivela.  She is also one of the Producers and Co Director for a feature film “Matters of the Heart” created by Nancy Vazquez of Life Through a Scope Productions. Michele intends to be able to go to the Oscars, by producing films that make a difference across the world. TR asked about her how she feels when she performs live in gigs and she said:

artist“I feel alive when I perform, because I am being someone out of the ordinary to fulfill my role as a character. I am able to channel my inner feelings and escape. I also feel at home, within my sense of being, whether it is in films or on a production set.”

Current projects that she has released worldwide includes “Breaking Point” with Michele starring as Julia Thompson, a dominating and seductive divorcee who pushes her husband to the breaking point. It has received a nomination this year at the Hoboken International Festival.  Breaking Point is a Psychological thriller film directed by Joe Gawalis, Produced by Joe Gawalis and Chris Victor, starring William DeMeo, Joe Donofrio and Jim K. Fualter and was distributed in May 2017.

Another one of her projects was “Bound by Debt” with Michele starring as Kristen James married to a notorious gambler/mobster in this action- packed film by Anna Mormando. The film is Produced by Paul Mormando and Distributed with Cinevest. The film is stars Bobby Ciasulli, Freedom Williams, and Gerard Adimando.

Michele believes in not giving up no matter what and has the same advice for people:  

“Never give up on your dreams. You can be anything you put your mind to, with hard work, determination, and faith. It is rewarding knowing that you can bring happiness that transcends into beauty on paper, TV, film and on the screen.”

To close this interview, Michele wanted to tell her family Jackie, Nick, Vanessa, and her husband Nick that they are her greatest achievements.

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  • Michelle, You are so very talented and your film Right to Live sends a very powerful message that many need to hear. We look forward to much more of your work! Welcome!