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Rockie Brown

The Best Emerging Artist of Our Time - Rockie Brown

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  • Tuesday,Jul 11, 2017
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Rockie Brown Super Pop/Rap Artist with Super Sex Appeal

Rockie Brown is a hard rock music artist from Las Vegas Nevada. She raps, sings, writes songs, and is also a headliner. Rockie Brown has been in the music industry for as long as she can recall. She performs in her hometown Las Vegas, something that she cherishes so dearly. All her fans get maximum entertainment whenever she is on stage. She has such a melodious voice and makes her music with such great passion that she leaves her audience singing along, harmoniously to her songs.

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How did Rockie Brown Become Such a Great Musician?

Rockie Brown has been singing since she could talk. She even has tapes singing songs as a chubby little 3 year old, and has been doing it ever since. Brown’s singing career dates back to when she was a ten-year-old prodigy. She could sing side by side with her mother in church, but her breakthrough came when she started doing professional theatre at 15 years of age. She enhanced her skills after her graduation from high school. She worked as an opera-singing gondolier before joining The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in California. Rockie later settled to fulfill her career in sound and recording. Her very first neo-soul project granted her the name as one of the potential emerging artists.

Music Genre Rockie Brown

Rockie Brown considers her style of music to be Pop/Rock, and although it’s quite unique, she also raps. “My album Vol.1, is pretty diverse as a couple tracks have an Opera interlude and a Middle-Eastern vocal style intro. I think my voice has a rich and soulful sounding tone and I feel it’s kind of unusual to hear with Pop music, but that’s what makes it different. The closest thing I can describe my style to is a cross between Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj and Pink.”  She write songs that she wants to perform with and make that make her feel good. This genre allows the sexy pop star to perform at her highest level and has also pushed her in the best direction as an artist. “Give me a driving beat and creepy chords and I’ll sing my face off, shake my ass, crawl on the floor, and thrash my hair around all day!

Music and performance has always been a huge portion of Brown’s life.  She’s always learning and rehearsing new music, as that’s how she makes her living in Vegas. “I feel lucky to be able to perform with such skilled musicians and entertainers in the industry. As far as the rest of my time, I enjoy dining at amazing restaurants, drinks with my crazy friends and fam, watching other bands and going to shows, binging on Netflix, and traveling/vacationing with my man.”

As of the last few years, Rockie Brown has been writing and recording with Jason Tanzer. Tanzer is a very talented producer, songwriter and guitar player who’s done quite a lot in music in his career, including touring with acts like Sevendust, Static X, and ---- with his original band called Industry. Over the last decade, he’s been producing music and shows in Las Vegas under his company Dustree Productions. He and I write all the music together. They also work with Robert John Kley, who has also had a career as a bass player and was signed to and touring with his band. Robert has made a name for himself as an amazing published photographer, videographer and director. He filmed and directed our music video for Rockstar Baby and is in post production for our new upcoming video.

Goals & Aspirations

Like any artist, Rockie Brown just wants her music heard. She has big dreams and wants to push her music as far as it’ll take her. She also looks forward to evolving as an artist. “Looking back on the past decade, it’s interesting to see how much I’ve grown and progressed as a musician, performer, as a writer and as a human in general, really. It’s all for the better in my opinion.”

Greatest Achievements

Vol. 1 is Rockie’s second album.  She tells us,”There is so much work that goes into just one song, yet alone an entire album, I feel extremely proud to have two complete bodies of work.”  Well said, and once you listed to this extremely talented artist’s music and watch her perform on stage you’ll see just how amazing she really is!  We dare you to sit still!

Rockie Brown’s favorite part of performing on stage is how it magically takes her out of her skin and yet she feels so connected at the same time. If she’s having a rough day, the minute she gets on stage it pulls the funk out of her and lets her channel her emotions and feelings into her performance. “I feel like my truest self comes forward. I also love it when people know the lyrics to my songs and sing along. That tickles me!”

Favorite Performance Venue

Some of Brown’s favorite venues to perform at have been House of Blues, Brooklyn Bowl and The Joint at the Hard Rock. “Killer stages and audiences! I’ll never forget those moments. Someday, I’d love to play the Hollywood Bowl and Madison Square Garden. Doesn’t everyone?! That would make my life!”

What’s in Store for the Future?

In five years time Rockie Brown would hope her music will have found its way to a more global platform. If she had the opportunity to play all over the world, there’s nothing to think about, there’s nothing she would love more.  TalentRater’s loves to see so much passion, excitement, and dedication in artists like Brown. What she really would love is to have one of her songs in a film or a commercial. “Hell, I’d love to have ALL my songs on TV and film. One day at a time. All my fellow musicians know what a grind it is. Everyone has a different path to success. No matter what happens in my career and in my life, I’ll always be in music because it’s just what I do and a huge part of who I am. I’ll always be traveling and exploring new places, trying new things and living my life passionately and to its fullest. Happy AF!”

“Love and thanks to Joe Bennett of TalentRaters for featuring me on this interview. I am honored! Love and thanks to my partner in crime, producer and manager Jason Tanzer, and of course, mucho love to the fine folks that support me. I am forever grateful.”

She gives an appreciation for all of her supporters and any other person who helps her, in one way or the other, to nurture her career.



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