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OMG! Brant Atwood, One of the Best Professional Bull Riders Ever!

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  • Monday,Sep 11, 2017
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talentratersProfessional Bull Riding requires a skillful combination of untiring endurance and mental toughness, brute physical strength, a steadfast constitution, with nerves of pure steel; unwavering balance & flexibility and of course, lighting fast reflexes! Let’s not leave out the unmeasurable amount of courage it takes to even step into an arena with a bull let alone get on its back holding on with just one hand while it bucks, thrashes, and jerks unpredictably! 

That is what it takes to be a part of one of the roughest and toughest sports on the planet! To say Bull riding is dangerous is an understatement, so this takes one special kind of person and Texan.  Brant Atwood is one of these special people as TalentRaters has had the pleasure of finding out.

Born in Pampa, and currently residing in Whitesboro this Texas Native got his first taste of Bull riding at the age of 10 participating in a junior rodeo series put together by a local rancher looking to help young riders gain experience.  Brant quickly moved up the ranks and has been going strong for the last 19 years, and professionally for the last 6. So of course, TalentRaters asked Brant , “Have you experienced any dangerous moments? Brant tells us,

TalentRaters asked for the inside scoop. What does someone who has made it their life to look danger in the eyes, or to be more exact, the bull’s eyes, do for fun or in their spare time? “What could possibly more adrenaline pumping then this?”, and we could not have asked for a better response.  “Most of my spare time is consumed with enjoying my time with my 9 month old son, Kesler. When I get the chance, I enjoy taking my bass boat out and hitting the lake fishing. I also enjoy working out and practicing my riding skills.”

Brant tells us, what it takes to be a Bull Rider.  “You have to have a lot of passion for this sport. You have to be willing to give it everything; emotionally, physically and financially. You have to be willing to spend weeks on end out on the road away from family. It's not always easy but it's also very rewarding and pays off in the end, if you put your heart and soul into it.”

Brant Atwood leaves us with a message for aspiring riders.  “Work hard and dedicate yourself. Put as much into the mental training as you do the physical because once you learn to ride bulls, it's easy but having a strong mind is what gets you the world title. Never give up on your dreams. ”

Brant Atwood is one extraordinary man; doting father and husband, spiritually minded as well as professionally driven and focused. He is also a man of civic duty and heart, whos courage is not left behind in the arena, talking time to assist his fellow Texans during Hurricane Harvey using his personal boat to assist in rounding up cattle and to gather supplies for those in need, it is safe to say he is a man that follows a code of honor in a true cowboy way!

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Monster Ride Brant Atwood Scores 90.75 (Official Video)

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  • Wow! Excellent job. Thank you and God bless you for everything you do!

  • Brant, it is so exciting to break the rodeo athletes category with you. You are one hell of a bull rider and a true blue cowboy through and through. You give the phrase go big or go home a whole new meaning!