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Christopher Bethune - Mr. Multi-Talented

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  • Wednesday,Dec 13, 2017
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TalentRaters is thrilled to present Christopher Bethune of New Haven; a man of numerous talents with an extensive resume. One of those talents include acting, he has acted in 13 movies, 6 television shows, 2 theater shows, and 6 industrial commercials and has also participated as a co-host of an independent film festival. He has not only been a lead, supporting cast, extra and has even worked in production both on a feature film and a television pilot.  He has also been a member of the casting team where his responsibilities were to evaluate talent for a television pilot.  Let’s read a little about Christopher’s story.

Christopher’s compelling story

““I was born in New Haven, CT during the crack and gang epidemic. My mother was a young mother that got pregnant at age 15 with my eldest brother on her way to having 4 children before the age of 25.  During my life I have known the struggle of receiving hand-me-down clothes, barely having enough food to eat and having no heat in the winter time. During my upbringing, my father was never involved with my family and neither were any of the fathers of my siblings. Personally, I was never accepted by his family despite numerous attempts even going to the barbershop own by one of my uncles growing up. Growing up in the inner city, I was surrounded by negative influences one of which resulted in the murder of one of my best friends. Despite having all of the factors against me (living in poverty, drugs/drug dealers as family/friends, a number of friends getting pregnant young, my mother constantly working and numerous evictions) I became the first person in the family to have a college degree and a post-graduate degree while securing employment with the State of Connecticut.”” 


While working for the State of Connecticut, he was arrested for driving under the Influence and this arrest lead him to an unpaid leave from his job.  During this time, he battled with depression, anxiety and insomnia.  Albeit, he was prescribed medication which he refused to take, he was in a dark place where he not only lost his job, but many of his friends. He lost his apartment, his insurance and all of the money he had saved up. He lost weight because it was a struggle to eat and for the last 6 months he had no money either. This process was completely humbling and he only learned so much during those trials and tribulations. 

Signed with Maggie Inc. out of Boston, MA since June 2017 Christopher has been commuting throughout all of New England, New York, and Los Angeles for films, runway shows, photo shoots, stage plays, television shows, and commercials as well as for hosting duties. He has taken classes at Boston Casting with Erica Derrickson and is currently enrolled in classes at the Actor’s Gym with Reno Venturi with the goal of becoming a well-rounded and versatile actor/model that is not defined by looks or color, but merely talent. Christopher has been working towards perfecting his talents since 2011.  This year, he has been able to branch his acting talents into the areas of modeling and production. When asked about his big break he said:

“I have pinnacles that I have not reached yet.  Until then, I will not believe I have had my big break yet. This is the time period where I believe I am laying the foundation for greatness.”

His hobbies include Improving skills, versatile acting, smiling, engaging, navigating social media, playing basketball, football, weightlifting, jogging, sprinting, long jump, high jump, triple jump, bartending, athletic, modeling, fashion shows, step shows, fraternity exhibitions, hip hop dance and the list continues.  Christopher possessing so much talent was recently selected to be in a magazine and will be a published model in addition to all of the other work in entertainment that he has been doing. In an answer to TR regarding his call he said:

“I have always known this was my calling since I was small. I believe that no matter what the situation is, your gifts will always make room for you.”

So far, his greatest achievement has been being in a fashion show in LA then flying to New York to work on a pilot. He has been blessed and fortunate enough to meet a number of great people in the industry. He has always been different. There are no other family members that pursued a career in entertainment or social work. He has had a number of mentors including J Jesses Smith and Reno Venturi.

Coming towards the end he left a few words for his supporters:

“First and foremost believe in yourself. You only need one yes. Don't focus on being eye candy but work to be soul food.  Everyone we come into contact with can either help us or we can help them.  Allow your talent to speak for you, have that work ethic that gets your foot in any door.”


NYE show at the Lady Katherine for the Mobs Murder Mystery.

Filming for Still Got the Juice in 12/17.

The release of "City to Country" magazine in 1/18 or 2/18.


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  • Welcome aboard Christopher. It is a pleasure to have you and your great acting skills.