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Davide Rossi-Rider on the Storm

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  • Wednesday,Oct 11, 2017
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by Aiza Chaundry

“Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive. Being on the TV Series, House, is like flying, too. He's free of the gravity of what people think.”

~ Hugh Laurie

artistsRiding a bike is like traveling to another dimension. It’s like being in a trance, in rapture.  TalentRaters brings forth the very talented and extraordinary Davide Rossi from the breathtaking small village of Pratovecchio in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. Davide started his career in FMX, freestyle motorcycling 5 years ago, but he started in the sport of motocross when he was 7 years old. Read more about what he has to say regarding his passion in his own words:

“Freestyle motocross is my life, it is my dream, and it is my passion, if I'm not with my bike I'm not happy. It isn't easy describing my emotions in doing this. It's started as fun with some friends.”

He participated in the Night of the Jumps (World Championship and European Championship) same international demo (Master of dirt-nigh of freestyle- Xrider Uruguay- Italians got talent), a couple of events for Red Bull Germany, and few more events in Italy but the best race was at Nitro world game (USA). Telling more about himself he said:

“I have a lot of hobbies: beach volley, partying with friends, and boxe (boxing). I LOVE pasta and tortelli di patate. Sport: motocross, volley, motogp, boxe . I love rap music and techno for pump my spirit. I don't have too much talents ahhaha.”

A lot of people might think the life of a sports icon is a walk in the park simply because you have strong  talent. All you have to do is ride and sign autographs. Quite the contrary, it requires tremendous training for this sport.executive
talent search Davide’s workout is comprised of 5 days a week of intense motocross and fitness.

When you’re a motorcyclist you have to be a risk taker, because if you’re not careful you may sustain severe injuries. Davide had to deal with such tragic incidents. In 2015, Davide sustained to major injuries which included breaking his left clavicle, his right shoulder, 5 ribs, and chest trauma. When asked about the feeling that overcomes him when performing live he said:

“The sensation is indescribable; you are with your bike and nothing else. You have the maximum concentration for your run and jumps.”

Davide wants to work hard for the upcoming year (2018) and push his level. He wants to be ready for the soon to come Nitro World Game and if invited then participate in the X-Games and Red Bull X-Fighters as well. His favorite performing venues are Night of the Jumps, Nitro World Games, X-Games, and Red Bull X-Fighters. His idols are none other than the legendary Travis Pastrana, and Adam Jones.

Towards the conclusion of his interview with TR MAGAZINE, he added a few words for his supporters, family, and TR:

“I want to thank all of those who support me (sponsors, friends, and fans) especially my family and my girlfriend as they are my inspiration! A special thanks to Joe Bennett and TalentRaters for this opportunity.”

Click on Davide's first image to visit his TR Profile and click on the second to visit his official webpage.


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Davide Rossi Freestyle Motocross FMX

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  • I am very fond of extreme sports and what you guys do. I am especially fond of FMX, freestyle motocross. You guys are nothing less than poetry in motion and make it look so effortless when it fact it takes so much practice and extreme focus. Our hat is off to you! Huge fan!