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Dennis Sugahara adds magic in beats

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  • Friday,Sep 21, 2018
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bands  Dennis Sugahara is a well-known name in the music industry. He was born on 26th June 1959 at Tokyo, Japan. Who had an idea that one day he will become a great music producer. In early age when he was schooling he realized that moving into the music industry is the best decision to make. Soon his right decision and knack for music helped him to reach new heights.

The way he took his music passion as a profession enabled him to hit the home run. His music stuff was widely admired in the industry and one of his album 'B'z' reached 8.8 million sales in Japan. In addition, he received 13 Platinum / Gold Discs in the Japanese market. His success proved it that he was on right track. He was made for this industry and he did everything as nicely as he could.   

To play his positive part in the society he joined the artist management profession, aiming to help artists reach their career goals. He is currently working in the Entertainment Marketing Inc. The forty one years of talent experience gave him the power to create magic in everything he does. Whether he is producing music or looking for artist, he knows the right way to do anything.

When we inquired him about the person that influenced him in this field and he described that he is none other than Quincy Jones.  

Apart from music production and talent management, in his spare time he does and watches motor sports. He is also planning to leave his home country to move to USA.   

In last he promoted ASTERISM, releasing the first full album 'IGNITION' ON August 22, 2018 in Japan. You can get more details about them here:

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