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Dmitry Levin: Russia’s Musical Extraordinaire

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  • Friday,Nov 17, 2017
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By: Alicia L. Rodriguez

TalentRaters Introduce of Dmitry Levin !

LevinTalentRaters would like to introduce to our audience an international talent from Russia, Dmitry Levin. Dmitry is a guitarist living in Moscow who not only composes and performs his own work, he teaches music as well! Dmitry is skilled in many variations of the guitar, from classical, electric, and acoustic guitar. Besides his talent as a guitar player, Dmitry composes and arranges his music as well. Beginning at the tender age of 13, Dmitry knew he wanted to become a musician as soon as he picked up his guitar. In that moment, Dmitry says, “I realized I wanted to create something unique and special.”

Music has always been his creative outlet and he fostered this creative drive by pursing the creation of a band. Once he moved to the city of Saint-Petersburg, everything began to fall into place for our talented musician. Dmitry has always been a fan of rock music since he began his musical journey and this musical genre is reflected in his own music. He decided to make music is own way after being influenced by major bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles. Shortly after he created his band, Dmitry began teaching music and playing different genres such as classical and acoustic guitar, this in his opinion, is what formed his composing style. Dmitry feels that he can unleash his potential and share what touches and excites him through his music. With his band, Dmitry was invited to perform in Indonesia which was one of his greatest achievements in his career. He has also played at Russia’s most famous festivals. Besides working as a professional musician, Dmitry works in the endorsing business as a Crafter Endorser.

Music isn’t the only creative outlet our talent has, Dmitry dabbles in his own fair share of poetry and literature in his spare time. He is a dedicated fan of all things artistic; often he would go to the theater to see productions of plays. Art plays the most important role in his life as he uses almost every opportunity to compose his music and give his master classes of guitar. Music runs in Dmitry’s family as his mother and grandfather have musical talents; his mother was a gifted singer and his grandfather played the Balalaika. The Balalaika is a Russian stringed musical instrument that has a triangular wooden, hollow body and typically has three strings. This familial connection to music is also what lead our talented musician to pursue his career.  For Dmitry, performing offers him a sense of overwhelming excitement and happiness that has followed him since his youth and into everything that he does.  His debut album is currently in the works!Dmitry

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  • Dmitry, when I came across you in my routine searches for talents, I was literally blown away by your classical guitar playing ability and the passion in which you play with. When I am touched or moved by a composition of music the I am with yours, I know that I have found an extraordinary talent. We are delighted to debut and feature your music on the TalentRaters site as well as in TR MAGAZINE. Everyone needs to become very familiar with the name Dmitry Levin.