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Emmy Award Winner and Grammy Nominated Voiceover Producer Steve Garrin

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  • Wednesday,Nov 22, 2017
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VoiceWorks® (Since 1988)

TalentRaters is proud to announce the inauguration of our partnership with EMMY Award winner, GRAMMY nominated producer, Steve Garrin. Steve is well known in the entertainment industry for his highly acclaimed VoiceWorks voiceover workshops and private vo coaching.  Many of his students credit their success on studying with Steve. TalentRaters was fortunate to be introduced to Steve by NYC talk show host, Johnny Potenza and already in a short period of time Steve has proven to be a positive influence to the TR Corporation in a number of ways.   

A Voice-over is anything where you hear the person speaking, but don't see them.


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  • Steve, It is a pleasure to feature a longtime industry professional of your caliber in TR MAGAZINE. Your business, VoiceWorks, provides a valuable service for up and coming voiceover artists in the industry.