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Horse Rider Girl Antonella Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

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  • Monday,Sep 04, 2017
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Expert Horse Rider Girl Antonella Interview

platformThis time TalentRaters has grabbed a very young and talented horse rider Antonella Fonte to interview about her life and riding experience.

Antonella Fonte was born in Lugo, Galicia, Spain and started riding from the early age of seven. Antonella is currently a high school student and likes sports, dance and horses. This very talented young lady has already registered in the Master Dance Classes of Matt Steffanina in Madrid for the next year. Currently, she is getting training in La Cruz Riding School in Spain from Maria Jimenez and Jose Otero.

She has participated in various Equestrian Events for the last three years competing in many competitions and winning many of them. For her, the most important thing is getting experience whether she wins or loses.

While talking about the equestrian events with TalentRaters she explains, “Participating in these events is challenging as well as complex. When tech
magazinesriding any horse, you have to know how to handle the situation while utilizing your own skills. Sometimes you have to face riders that are older than you and have more experience. A rider must be an integral person, inside and outside the competition circuit; a rider has to be a positive example for the public, jury, and for other young people who aspire to get here.”

Antonella is not afraid of challenges because she believes that these things help her to learn to become a top athlete. She also describes that in the point system the most necessary thing is to avoid mistakes and finish in the least possible time.

Each equestrian discipline follows its attire. The dress code that she follows in jumping is white pants, jump leather boots, competition jacket, and black helmet, riding whip or spurs, white shirt, black or white gloves. During training, she uses different outfits with different colors. Mostly she buys outfits she feels comfortable with.

What inspires her riding is she hears and learns about horses as they are very wise and intelligent. When she rides she feels the intimate connection between her and the horse she rides with is most wonderful. As a great rider they both become a team and a harmonious couple. She described that it is vital to be careful about many aspects that include space, jumps, time, turns, technique which can all be learned from hard work.

Her current goal is to become a professional jumping rider, get into high competition, and win as often as possible. She would like to have her own horse one day because she wants to ride horses all her life. Currently, she is looking for other Equestrian Schools because she is seeking and advanced schools that will help her become the best rider in the world.

Antonella closed the interview with TR MAGAZINE by saying, “I want to offer special gratitude to all the people who trust me, because this is a very competitive and difficult world, my family that supports me, my professional photographer Isma Llerena who gets beautiful shots, and Joe Bennett of TalentRaters for giving me this incredible opportunity to be interviewed for his magazine. I’m really very happy and grateful. ”

Click the image in the upper left and visit Antonella's TR Profile, click the image in the lower right and like her Facebook page, and click the image in the lower middle to visit her official website.  Photos by ISMA LLERENA.

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Antonella & Interim

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  • This is an incredible opportunity for me. Thanks Joseph and Talent Raters !!

  • Antonella, it was so nice to open the Equestrian category with you. Only 12 years old and winning Equestrian competitions. We look forward to seeing much more of you in futures years as well as your debut in the printed version of TR MAGAZINE.