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Famous Singer-Songwriter Lola Wallace

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  • Wednesday,Dec 12, 2018
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by Clarence Sacasac

An inspiring and wonderful singer-songwriter lit up her own limelight in her homeland, United States of America, as she bags achievements from all her leading performances. She was born and known as Lola Wallace. She possessed and featured her awesome and heart melting talent which is singing as well as in songwriting too. She carried out her abilities for approximately 10 years.

Lola Wallace known that she loved singing but she was never confident enough in herself. When she was still young, she had always wanted to learn in playing the guitar but unfortunately, she was not able to get a guitar for herself. As she gets older, she decided and needed to do the thing for herself and to show her daughter that it is ok for an individual to chase his or her dreams.

Since she really wants to chase her dreams, she went to the nearest pawn shop and taught herself on how to play the guitar. She may gotten a late start in learning to play the guitar, and may not be the most experienced one, yet she knew that she lived and breathe music; because this is really her passion.

Lola Wallace once said that Music had gotten her through a very rough and dark times in her life, and she is patiently hoping that her music can do the same for someone else too.

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