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Fitness Revelation With Ronail K. Shelton - Stretch

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  • Wednesday,Dec 06, 2017
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Looking for a fitness trainer?  TalentRaters present you the extpert Ronail k. Shelton!

Born on October 27th 1982, Ronail K.Shelton, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a maestro when it comes to weight loss and muscle toning. He helps his clients reach their desired fitness goal. He also helps his clients improve their overall strength and conditioning.

He has been in business for 7 years now. In his first year of business, there were a lot of ups and downs. He would go from clients canceling the day off without sending payments, to having clients come in and then take long breaks away from training. Sometimes he wouldn’t even have enough clients to make a comfortable living. With the passage of time however, he learned more efficient ways to run a business and started to implement things.

Back in high school and college Ronail played football and ran track and field. He was a 400 intermediate hurdle and 4x400 meter runner.  As far as football goes he was a wide receiver and strong safety.  His hobbies involve riding his fixed gear bike on city streets and along the coast. When he’s not riding he’s usually outdoors; hiking, and traveling the world.

He first realized his potential to become a trainer in college while working out with friends in the gym, giving them the knowledge he had about weight lifting.

With him it wasn’t about getting a big break; he would stay up late, working, to improve his personal training business. This is something he still does to this day as the fitness world is always changing and there is always new information in the market on health and fitness. Ronail’s greatest achievement so far is getting his client come down to 50 pounds 3 months, for her wedding day. His main influence is his mentor Allison Roessler who has taught Ronail a lot over the past 3 years till present.

A word of advice by Ronail:

“Never stop learning, attend seminar and workshops to stay up to date on your profession. “

You can find him here:


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  • Fitness is so important in day to day life. Trainers help to push and motivate us to be the best we can be. It is so nice to feature a hollywood trainer of your caliber. Keep up the great work!