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Following the dream: Robin Michelle Meyers

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  • Tuesday,Jan 02, 2018
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Following the dream: Robin Michelle Meyers 

TalentRaters would like to introduce, actress Robin Michelle Meyers, a talented woman who followed her dreams. Robin lives in New York and has been active in the acting community for over 10 years. Apart from acting, Robin is a screenwriter with many screenplays under her belt. After her father passed in 2000, Robin began to focus on her acting career and decided to take acting classes to hone her skills. She has always felt that acting was her true passion ever since she was in the 5th grade and starred in her school play. Robin has always felt in her heart that there was something in her and that she was gifted. Her passion and determination paid off when she was cast in an independent film called Frame of Mind, directed by Carl Evans. This project left a lasting impression on her as she was able to see herself on HBO and Showtime and she thought “Wow, look at what I did!”

Robin has worked with musician Drew Coscia at a local cable company CTV when he introduced her to the producer at CTV, Nevin Cummings. Mr. Cummings was looking for a co-host for a variety television show. She has interviewed comedians and actors and many other talented artists who have visited the show. This was a different experience than acting but it has opened up many opportunities for Robin.After the show ended in 2010, two producers, Katherine Foronjy and Joe Coburn, who have been interviewed on her show previously decided to make a documentary on the show which aired in April of 2017 at the Anthology theatre. Through this show, she has met director Bruno Martino, who had cast Robin as a forensic cop in his independent film. Robin’s favorite style of films to work on are reality TV roles, traditional acting roles, comedy, and romance.

-Alicia L. Rodriguez 

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  • Robin, we commend you on following your dreams of acting. Keep pushing and working till you reach the top!!!