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Greystone Canyon Joins the Aussie Rock Giants

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  • Wednesday,Sep 05, 2018
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Darren Cherry - Guitar/ Vocals

Richard Vella - Guitar

Dave Poulter - Bass

Luke Wilson - Drums

Darren Cherry, vocalist/guitarist considers their music a combination of rock and metal. The band members grew up on the greats of this genre and now they are playing homage to the music they love.

“I'm not a "fame chaser" so it's really just about making the best possible music we can and leaving something behind. To think that someone may listen to the music we have written and recorded long after we have passed on would be a HUGE accomplishment.”, says Darren

Darren talks about the Album:

“I would say the strongest songs on the album are "In These Shoes" which we have just shot a video for and "Take us All". The inspiration is essentially life experience and then matching these emotions and thoughts to music. We've been very lucky that almost every song from the album has been play listed on different radio shows.

Please check out our music video and links to our album below.

Australia's Greystone Canyon premier new video for "In These Shoes". Taken from the debut album "While the Wheels Still Turn" see below links to purchase and stream.

In These Shoes (embed in blog – I’ll teach you how to do this)

Buy / Stream here:

Currently, Greystone Canyon has a licensing deal with Rock Shots Records for Europe / USA and Canada and separate deal with Hellfire Records for Australia.

We asked Darren what does it take to be successful in the music industry and he said;

“These days it's harder than ever! You can become "known" via the internet and social media which is great but trying to make a living from music is incredibly hard... actually forget making a living, even recouping your costs is difficult. That's certainly not why I'm doing this. I just wanted to make a great record. Hopefully people can hear the hard work that has gone into it. Remember, you can't stop Rock n Roll"

TalentRaters would like to thank Gerg Anidem of Indie Scene Radio for connecting us to Greystone Canyon!

Buy copies of their September 2018 printed magazine at and read their exclusive interview.

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