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Helpful Entertainment Industry Tips from TalentRaters

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  • Saturday,Jun 30, 2018
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Do Not Fall Prey to Industry Illusions

By Joseph C. Bennett

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rock bandsHow many talents and artists are certain they are the next top talent?  Everyone!  Right?  How many are convinced that fame and fortune will bring most certain peace and completion?  All of us again!  Is it true?

There is nothing wrong with seeking success in the entertainment industry, but be careful!  Much of it is an illusion and you must see clearly in order to avoid those illusions that can destroy you and your career in entertainment.  What illusions you may ask?  One illusion is the illusion that everyone truly loves you and cares about you. Nobody truly loves you, but rather your financial status or your appearance.  You’ll be surprised how many people want to be friends with you when you make your first million so choose your friends wisely.  A true friend or colleague cares about you because of who you are regardless of your fame and fortune. 

Another illusion is that everyone is on your side and wants to help you.  Remember talk is cheap!  Those that truly care about you, your talent, and your businesses will proactively take steps to help you advance.  Tom Brady is the most successful and most decorated quarterback in history and his advice to his team before every game is “Do your job!” 

Everyone else has an agenda and it is typically self-seeking and it involves how they can profit from your success.  Believe it! Associate yourselves with Doers not talkers.

A third illusion involves newer artists that all believe they are God’s gift to the earth and that industry professionals have to meet their every beckon call.  Yes, it is important to recognize your talents but it is also important to stay humble in the process and to show the proper respect to any and all industry professionals.  It is important for newer artists to note that they are new, the whole world does not know you yet, and that career opportunities will take time especially if you have no experience in the industry.  In general, emerging artists or newer artists are the most challenging to work with.  They want results and opportunities and they want them now but it does not work that way.  Opportunities come from hard work and dedication and from being patient.  My advice to artists in the entertainment industry is be patient and if you don’t have it you better get it and fast.  My dealing with professional artists and talents, for the most part, has been very good.  They are kind, courteous, and respectful because they learned themselves that this is the best method for advancing in the entertainment industry.  They have woken up many early days, gone to countless auditions, spent countless hours on set, or put in countless band practices to finally get their big break or get to the point where that are ready to break.

There are a lot of pitfalls to watch out for in the entertainment industry but if you make the right choices and associate yourself with the right people it can be a very positive experience.  Remember to be courteous, respectful, hardworking, and patient and you will go far!

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