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Jack Giambanco, Make a Wish on Friendship Lights

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  • Thursday,Dec 28, 2017
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 Make a Wish on Friendship Lights

By: Frances Jewel

Jack Giambanco is an art director who founded the group called Friendship Light Dream Team, this group is comprised of musicians, actors, and models. They do photoshoots dedicated to causes like Autism Awareness. He does random interactive art events in Washington Square Park and of course, dedicate it to a cause.At the first creation of Friendship Lights, Jack would go to hospitals and places where he thought people needed a smile. He would leave notes on the ground until someone finds them, and ultimately the people who did were ecstatic, thanks to that simple note. One day, the Channel 12 news found out, and the rest is history. Sometimes, the greatest achievement doesn’t have to be so grand. For some people like Jack Giambanco, it can be just to have a sick child look at you and say you brightened their day. To make a difference in that child’s life, that is some great achievement.To Jack Giambanco, you are an inspiration. You are a living proof that even the smallest things can make a difference in someone else’s life, and that your craft or talent doesn’t have to be just a talent, it can be a light to someone’s life, too. “The feeling I get when I see someone's eyes glaze over as I tell them the legend of Friendship Lights. When you pull the tab, the light goes on and you make a wish. Legend has it your wish will come true just as mine did when I created them from a dream. Just look at your Friendship Light each day and think of your wish, You will be amazed at what happens”. – Jack Giambanco, Friendship Lights

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