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Leaving Eden Descending - Album Review

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  • Thursday,Nov 08, 2018
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By Joseph C. Bennett

Leaving Eden featuring The Empress of Rock, Eve, is back with their newest album, Descending, continuing to push the envelope!  This album has 16 songs that will give you total metal euphoria.  The new album is cutting edge with driving rocker beats that make you instantly want rock out!  The songs are very new and creative but still hold the true Leaving Eden essence.

The whole album is great and you’ll be glad you made the purchase.  My favorite songs off the new album “Descending” are “Dark Romance” which has a haunting intro rocking beat that hits you right in the chest and then into a ballad.  The song is very dynamic.  “Consume Me” is another song I really like as it gives lead guitarist, Eric Gynan, the vocal spotlight and proves that the man’s got pipes as they say.    Then there is “Evaporating Away” that starts with a very haunting guitar intro and features both Eric and Eve on vocals.  I love this song because I can really relate to the meaning of this song.  We give our all day in and day out and in the end it’s never good enough for anyone and we are left feeling that we are evaporating away.  Then there is “Shallow Waters” another song that shows the true musical genius of Leaving Eden.  This is another song I deeply relate to, and I am sure the Leaving Eden Nation will also.  I’ll share part of the lyrics, “Descending! Crashing down again and again when I turn around!  Descending! I’m losing sleep the shallow waters are way too deep!”  This is a song you want to listen intently on the words.  I know it will minister to you as it did me.  If I have to sum the song “Shallow Waters” up in one word, it would be Chills!  Are you in the mood for a heavy song with great double bass and thumping drums then you’ll want to check out, “These Are the Days”, another killer song!  I was literally rocking out in my chair listening to this song as I banged the keys out for this review.  “Keep Shining” is a beautiful song, a song about hope and excepting loved ones just the way are and never giving up on love.  “Jailbreak is just pure rocker fun an adrenaline the whole song through with sick guitar and drums.

Eve, what’s not to love about Eve!  She has a gorgeous resounding rocker voice.  Lead guitarist, Eric Gynan, brings forth beautiful riffs in every song.  Whether it’s a driving rocker tune or acoustic ballad, Eric, lays it down with such passion and dynamics.  Drummer, Ryan PM, delivers killer drums that kick you in the chest throughout the entire album. 

TalentRaters gives Leaving Eden’s new album 5 stars or as Siskel and Ebert used to say, two thumbs way up.  Be sure to buy this new album on Itunes, Amazon, CdBaby, and all other market places.


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