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Let’s Talk Music With Reality Suite!!

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  • Thursday,Oct 04, 2018
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By: Courtney Gadry

In grammar school three friends began learning to play instruments early on. Brian on the drums, Joe on guitar and vocals and Antonio on bass and vocals. Each mastered their craft and then went their separate ways. After many disappointments in the music industry and hungry to create, the three friends unified and formed Reality Suite, a band combining modern and classic arena rock.

After a few years, Kimmii Heart joined the band as their lead vocalist. In September 2015 the band released its self-produced debut called “Skinn”. “Skinn” features a number of standout tracks such as “Die Dreaming”, “Save My Life”, and “Playing With Fire”. The song “Save My Life” was featured as song of the week in Steppin Out, a New Jersey music publication. After a band managed social media campaign, Reality Suite now has over 20,000 followers worldwide.

Reality Suite tells TalentRaters that in May of 2018 they released “Awaken” after being approached by Grammy winning producer, Earl Cohen and Grammy nominated producer and engineer, Mike Ferretti.  Each member of the band had suffered a loss. Songs on “Awaken” such as “Grave” and “Cut, Burn, Bruise” are based around a loss each of the band members had suffered earlier on. The songs “Grave” and “Cut, Burn, Bruise” are about losing loved ones. However, the album is also about recovery and rebirth, leaving the pain behind and so the songs “Live Now Forever”, “Dead To Me” and “Lust” really drive that point home. Listening to these songs, you can truly feel the passion behind them.

Reality Suite says they are still working hard to evolve as song writers and doing all they can to use social media to deliver their music to large masses. They aspire to someday play in places such as Madison Square Garden or MetLife. Drummer Brian King says the feeling of getting up on stage is an adrenaline rush that cannot be topped, all your troubles can fade away and you are there to have an intimacy with the crowd.

In 2019, Reality Suite will be releasing an expanded deluxe 10 version of “Awaken”. After that they would like to finance a tour of the US and Europe where they can meet fans from all over the world. Their advice to anyone aspiring to be in the music industry is “plan to work hard and never settle”. This is band of individuals who have come together to create something amazing, they all work together and the feeling in the music can easily resonate with a crowd. 

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