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Mark Brathwaite dedicates “Sunrise” in Memory of his Mother

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  • Monday,Oct 09, 2017
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by Apple Rose

Toronto, Cemerging
artistanada. Now, up-and-coming hip-hop talent Mark Brathwaite is continuing the trend while adding his own elements of music.

Mark Brathwaite is a hip-hop artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Mark considers his music as a blend of hip-hop and R&B. He also blends it with other elements like rock and jazz to create a unique sound. He said, “I like the evolution of production and performance in this genre and it’s the one that suits me best, given my ability to play guitar, piano, and produce the whole package”.

Mark’s musical ability was inspired by his family. His mom played guitar and piano, his dad plays sax, harmonica, and piano. One of his sisters plays piano and his other sibling plays percussion. Also, taking influences from Drake, U2, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Hendrix, Mark is ready to shake this genre with his unique touches that will take you to a deeper journey when you listen to his music.

For Mark, music is freedom. It gives him the ability to express and touch someone’s lives. It also allows him to experiment, dream, and venture out boldly. Thus, this motivates him to take his work out and have the world listen to it. Mark opened for Machine Gun Kelly, Canadian Music Week, and the Hard Rock.

talent searchMark is particularly proud of the music video “Sunrise”. It was made in commemoration of his late mother. In terms of songs, he is quite proud of the song “Phoenix” because it touches on themes of growth and transformation that a lot of hip-hop artists don’t touch on.

Mark’s goal in the industry is to continue to operate and grow a successful music production and live Event Company, MCB. He hopes that one day he will be able to partner up and/or compete with the major companies while not being totally dependent on them. For Mark, being able to stand out amidst the competition is his definition of success in the music industry.

Aside from running a music production and live events company, Mark still finds time to hit the gym. He is also currently learning French. He's reading and writing at an intermediate level.

Marks wants to encourage all the aspiring artists out there to continue to pursue what you are most passionate about, it’s never overnight. Let faith and belief drive every action you take towards attaining your goals.

Lastly, Mark wants to give special thanks to Joseph Bennett of TalentRaters for this opportunity. Thanks also to everyone who has supported MCB Music, all fans, family, and friends – you are loved and appreciated.

Want to see him perfom Live? Check ou his upcoming shows:

Oct 14 - Market Brewing Company

Oct 21 - Poetry Jazz Cafe 

Oct 22 - Harbourfront Centre @ 4:30 Ontario Square - 235 Queens Quay West

To visit some of Mark's social pages click his photos above.


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Sunrise (Official Music Video)

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  • You have a beautiful voice, Mark, full of soul and passion. Your song, Sunrise, is a beautiful tribute to your mother and her memory. Love it and I know she is smiling down on her talented son.