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Marketing Specialist for TalentRaters and So Much More

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  • Tuesday,Nov 28, 2017
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Marketing Specialist for TR MAGAZINE

artistsJaspreet Kaur is 24 years old and an extremely talented Online Marketing Specialist from Longowal (Sangrur), India and currently residing in Mohali. She is well versed in SEO, SMM, SEM, ORM, YouTube Marketing, Amazon/eBay/Etsy Store creation and Optimizations and much more. I'm quick learner and problem solver.

Jaspreet’s interest in online marketing started at a very young age, by being involved with various IT people.  This led her to quickly decide that Online Marketing was the career of choice for her as she entered her teens. This beautiful and talented young lady was selected to be the face of a local company when was just 21 and she is now in a position to further her portfolio and knowledge of the industry while working for TalentRaters.  TalentRaters is fortunate to have such a hardworking, dedicated, conscientious, and ambitious young woman as Jaspreet assisting with our online marketing efforts.  Jaspreet has been assigned primarily to work on the new TR MAGAZINE site and it is one of her top priorities to encourage people all over the world to buy magazines online at the same time is also helping to maintain the marketing of the TalentRaters site located at “I am so thrilled and excited to be a part of one of the best talent magazines to hit the scene.  It truly is an honor.”

So aside from being a genius, there is something that most would not know about Jaspreet.  She is an aspiring model with a love for fashion.  Just like one of our previously featured top models Haleh Saberi, Jaspreet comes from a country where modeling is not common or well supported.  Nonetheless, it is her secret passion and we hope to help this young lady make that dream a reality also in the right time.  Let’s root her on. Whoop!  Whoop!

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  • Jaspreet, it is a true pleasure to have you work for us. You are dedicated to helping our corporation grow and make great advancements in the entertainment industry. We also look forward to making your modeling aspirations become a reality in the future.