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Overdriver Duo Supports and Loves The TalentRaters (TR) Social Site for the Arts

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  • Tuesday,Jan 08, 2019
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Music Sensation Overdriver Duo is a phenomenon on the internet with high visibility in over 150 countries with 1 billion 800 million views of their videos.  They have toured in 7 countries in Europe at the biggest festivals in the continent and large crowds pay to see their live shows around the world! Their 2019 May and June tours are already confirmed in Europe and at the Latin American arena has proven to be a great success for the duo!  Many of you may remember Overdriver appearing in the TalentRaters online publication on February 22, 2017 with the largest number of views in the history of TalentRaters and still holding that record at 46,037 views.  Views area measure of popularity and Overdriver Duo definitely sets the bar when it comes to online popularity.  They even recently received an award from YouTube for views.

Overdriver Duo is happy to support The TalentRaters Social Site for the Arts (TRSSA) which officially launched on November 23, 2018. TRSSA is a wholesome site that even children can use and post in.  The TRSSA does not allow any in appropriate content!

  • No Porn!
  • No Child abuse!
  • No animal cruelty!
  • No Bullying

*Nothing to distract your works of art ever!

Register now and participate at the TRSSA and post your works of art, friend fellow artists, and chat with top music groups and talents like Overdriver Duo.  Overdriver Duo posted in The TR Social Site for the Arts and of course was instantly posted to the TR Featured Videos Section on the TR homepage.

Overdriver Duo says click the ad below and Join the TR Social Site for the Arts and participate daily.  Top posts will be featured to the TalentRaters Hompage!

TR Social
Site for the

Overdriver Duos rendition of “Over the Rainbow" has over 75 million views and more than 1 million shares worldwide. Watch!  We are also excited to announce that Overdriver Duo will be on the front cover of TR MAGAZINE Issue 17 scheduled to release on March 1st 2019.

Be sure to like, view and follow this amazing and super talented group on all major social media platforms.  This group known and loved all over the world!!!

“Overdriver Duo is asking all of their friends, family, and supporters to like and view Featured videos and audios of TalentRaters Top Talents located at”

Register now and participate at

Please also view issues 1 -17 of TR MAGAZINE at and purchase your copies. TalentRaters thanks you for your business.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Cover by Overdriver Duo)

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