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Rajiv Shrestra, International Fashion Photographer

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  • Friday,Feb 23, 2018
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DealersMost people look at photographers and think it’s easy just to click a button and the camera does the rest. Essentially that is true but there is a true art to it. Folks today think they are elite picture takers with their cell phones but let them try with a high end camera to get the right lighting, focus and moment. That is the job of a professional. Rajiv Shrestha is just that kind of person.

Rajiv had helped a lot of aspiring models get started with their modeling career. His works has been published in Kamana filmMagazine, Saptahik, Sukrabar, Filmy Khaber weekly Paper,VOW,WOW, VIVACITY,ESSENCE and more. His shots gave a lot of credits to the model’s portfolio. Rajiv also specializes glamour photography, his shots appeared in calendars, posters and even on bill boards around the Nepal.

If you are interested in modeling, please contact his studio today at Photo Bank Studio in Bagbazer,Kathmandu,Nepal,Tel: 4245145.

“We can also offer valuable advice from 30 years of experience in the Film and  modeling industry, and point you in the right direction in terms of how to promote yourself, and which industry contacts are worth pursuing, and what to avoid. For the best in all genres of model photography, including glamour, swimsuit, fashion and lifestyle photography."  Please call Rajiv Shrestha today at 301 605 3260 or follow him in his facebook page or visit his website

Read the article about Rajiv written by Nick Christophers in the TR Magazine Issue 8, February Edition.

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