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Sifting: Metal Band Based in Los Angeles

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  • Monday,Nov 20, 2017
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By: Alicia L. Rodriguez

TalentRaters Introduce of Metal Band Based in Los Angeles, California

TalentRaters is proud to introduce to our readers a very innovative and amazing band called Sifting! Sifting, a metal band, is based in Los Angeles, California, with the members Eduardo Osuna Gil on vocals and guitar, Richard Garcia as lead guitarist and backup vocals, Winston Jarquin as the bassist, backup vocals, and screamer, and Abelardo Bolano as the drummer and backup vocalist. This band has been on the scene for about seven years and began as a duo of Eduardo and Abelardo as students in Caracas, Venezuela. Eduardo and Abelardo are the founding members of Sifting and met while studying music in Venezuela. In 2010, they formally decided to begin playing as a group and once they moved to the U.S. the future members of the group would join too.  These guys bring such phenomenal rock sound to the table.


Each member of the band is as unique as their music which they pride as being unlike most metal bands due to their inclusion of multiple genres and sounds. Eduardo is known as the leader of the group despite his reluctance in being dubbed the title. He considers himself a dedicated workaholic and because of this he is thought of as the “serious” one of the group. Eduardo is actually just focused on making sure that their music and performance is perfect the way they want it to be. His method to his work is mixing work with a little bit of fun because it makes the work environment a great space to be in. Among the guys, Eduardo is actually the band’s prankster, a badge he wears honorably. 

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