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Sno Bunta: Contortionist

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  • Tuesday,Oct 03, 2017
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by Aiza Chaudry

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to waltz in midair?  Trusting it completely, giving yourself to it, and losing all fear of ever falling down unless you’re an acrobat or a circus artist. Ordinary people do not dance with the wind. Only the very special ones do. The word circus should be a synonym for brave. It goes without saying if you want to be fearless, become a circus artist!

“Circus is something that I have been incredibly passionate about from my childhood, when I realized that I could dedicate my life to it I was ecstatic. Circus happened for me because I was determined enough to make it happen.  I love performing because I love the idea that I can create a different world through my performance. I love how anything is possible when I’m performing and I can share that magic with my audience. “– Sno Bunta

But who is Sno Bunta?

After introducing the brilliant juggler Muhammaed Esmert, TalentRaters, proudly presents you  Sno Bunta, a talented and enthralling beauty of New York City. Sno is a circus artist, primarily focusing on aerial and contortion; however she has basic skills in Acrobatics, Juggling, and Clowning as well. She has been performing for half of her life, but began working professionally when she was 17. At first, she did contortion; but since then has expanded herself to performing aerial, acrobatics, and handstands. Read more abotop rock
bandsut her in her own words:

“I am very passionate about expressing myself through all artistic means I love fashion, photography,    painting, and drawing. In addition to performing circus I am also very passionate about coaching; particularly youths. I love being a mentor for kids and building their confidence through circus.”

Sno began training contortion when she was fairly young which gave her an advantage because her muscles and body were still developing thus making her body more naturally inclined to bend and maintain her flexibility. Despite being naturally inclined to bend, it took a lot of training for her to get to the extension and strength that she possesses today. She stretches often to maintain that flexibility and pushes her flexibility as well on a regular basis. When you’re a circus performer you cannot afford to get lazy. You have to be up and about.  The main aerial apparatus Sno specializes/performs with is called Aerial Hoop (aka, Lyra, Cerceau), which is a metal hoop that she spins and does contorted poses with. In addition to Aerial Hoop she has performed on an invented apparatus, the Aerial Ladder; a ladder designed and made especially for aerial that was rigged sideways. Telling TR more about her creativity she says:

“It was especially exciting and different because I created an entire new vocabulary of tricks that some have never been done before!”

Of present, Sno is a freelance artist, traveling, and teaching doing primarily one off gigs; in the past she has worked for Open Ring Circus, Nimble Arts, Matica Arts, and Circus Maine.

Contortionist bodies are no different than a pedestrian’s body anatomically speaking; however Contortionists are often petite and thin but are incredibly strong and have very strong abdominal muscles to protect their mobile backs. Some of the current contortion moves that she performs include a forearm contortion handstand (a bendy handstand on the forearms), a needle scale (standing on one leg and holding the other leg above my head), and a contortion handstand (a handstand where my legs are over the face). Some of Sno’s favorite venues to perform in are night clubs, and adult parties. The party atmosphere is so energizing and being a part of what makes it magical for someone else is even more fulfilling. She concludes with the following advice for youngsters and people in the same field:

“Some advice I would like to give to aspiring artists would be to work hard on your craft while maintaining a level of playfulness in what you do. Protect the joy that your work brings you and hold it close when you feel discouraged”

To visit Sno's TR profile page click her handstand picture and to visit her Facebook profile click the picture of her and the ring.

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  • Sno, the way you present yourself in your performance is truly magical and mezmerizing. More power to you!