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The Art of Honesty

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  • Thursday,Aug 09, 2018
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by Joseph C. Bennett

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “The only business to do is honest business”, says Joseph Bennett, Owner of TalentRaters.  Is the entertainment industry honest though? That is the question. Do people understand the importance of honoring agreements these days? Some yes, and many no sadly.  We should follow the role model of honest Abraham Lincoln or our first United States president George Washington who said, “I cannot tell a lie, I cut down the cherry tree.”

TalentRaters has taken pride in featuring top talents worldwide for years but many deals or agreements made with us have not been honored which we have a problem with. We are a very honest business but many we have trusted or tried to partner with have not been honest with us making it very difficult for us to grow properly as a business. We are also a business that believes in God and faith and the good principals this nation was founded on.

We get so many compliments on TR MAGAZINE and feedback on the good it has done artists, but when it’s all said and done and we’ve put so many intensive hours into building it each month, why is it not purchased more? Why do some artists still buy only one copy or ask us for free copies? This is not an everyday magazine that you see on the shelf in the store! This is a magazine that, YOU, the artists are featured in! You were carefully selected from among the top artists in the world to feature in the magazine! Artists featured in the magazine should be taking pride in their magazine and be purchasing at least 24 copies. Let’s not forget that these purchased MAGAZINE’s can be signed and sold at a greater price, but why aren’t more people doing that? Publicity in the industry is paramount, especially when you’re not very well known.

A couple of years ago and individual with a Smart Television business offered TalentRaters 1.2 million dollars to join their network and provided us a signed contract. After 30 days we asked for our first installment of $100,000 and he told us he needed 30 more days. After 30 more days we asked for our first installment of $100,000 again and the individual told us, “I don’t owe you anything.” Immediately we knew it was a scam and a painful one.

Another individual in the industry promised TalentRaters VIP seating anytime a particular sports figure had a sports event. Ask me how the VIP treatment was at the sports event? You guessed it! I can’t tell you because this was another deal that was never honored.

We still have individuals in the entertainment industry that have made promises with myself or TalentRaters staff but are waiting patiently to see if they will be honored or not. Yes. We are crossing our fingers. Be honest in all aspects of life and you will surely succeed and those of you that choose to make your careers by being deceitful are on a sure path to ruin!

Why is it so hard for many individuals to conduct good honest business? We’d like to hear from you! What strategies and tips do you offer when conducting business? What clues help to spot scam artists?

Dare to be Greater with TalentRaters!

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