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The Flathead Dave Band One of New Jersey’s Top Rock Band

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  • Saturday,Sep 01, 2018
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magazineDavid C. Quail, better known as, Flathead Dave, a man with unique and individualized features. Born on September 28, 1952 and grew up beside the lake of San Francisco, USA.

Dave is an Adonic rock star who is powerful when it comes to music. He is a man with charming, unique, and attractive features that can captivate everyones eyes.

He is a ledgendary multitalented American Rocker that can make girls drool over with. When he performs, he would really hold your breath and let you stare in a minute. He plays different kinds of instrument but most especialize guitar and saxophone.  For him, the musical images that music and song are able to create are amazing. Music is more than just something to listen to, it’s something to feel where it can suits your mood.

He also loves building customs cars, which makes him interesting to do with.

David leaved an advice to all the aspiring musician and rocker to “play as hard as you can”, your inner motivation will teach you to become what you want. In order to become a legendary musician you should take determination, passion, and drive, along with sheer talent.

 Be a musician that dreams of greatness!

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