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TR Discovers Triple Threat Chad Rudolph

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  • Sunday,Jul 29, 2018
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by Michelle Wood

hard rock
groupsCharles Henry Rudolph the 4th, or you may also know him by his stage name Chad Rudolph, was born in 1986 into a family full of talent and energy. You could say he was born to be a Star. Chad was chosen to be this month’s cover artist as he has been able to take his passions and transform them into something truly amazing.

Chad Rudolph’s motivations are his sick mother and most of his income goes towards finding doctors who might be able to diagnosis her unknown disease. Chad is working hard doing what he loves most which is to perform, to sing and to play his guitar like me means it. He decided to follow his dreams and do what he does best, performing, and to use his opportunities and fortune to help his mother find a diagnosis.

Chad is not only a self-taught musician, singer, guitarist and songwriter but also a skilled whistler, model, and so much more. He enjoys downhill longboarding; skateboarding, and can drive pretty much anything on wheels. He is Athletic, strong, and has actively practiced Krav Maga.

In addition to all of this Chad is an actor, Inventor, mechanic, skilled survivalist, free diver, beatboxer and was trained in marksmanship by his father (An expert Safety instructor).

As you can see, Chad Rudolph is well rounded and multi-talented Mans man. Aside from all of that, and maybe even more importantly, Chad is a caring individual who loves his family and friends. Chad loves to teach others and said that if he could give any advice to aspiring talents, actors and artists:  Chad told us it would be “Never give up and to practice, practice, practice, and to think outside the box.

We at TR were quite excited to bring him aboard. Chad Officially entered into contract on June 10, 2018 with TR and we are overjoyed to have him with us.

Chad told us he would love to be in a lead role: In an action film like The Driver, a western, or drama or love story. He also dreams of being a lead singer in a rock band similar to Green Day. He would also like to do Studio work with harmonizing, whistling and backup singing and hopes to make a Christmas album someday.

We welcome Chad to the world of TR. Welcome to the family Chad we are so very happy you are part of this growing community. We at TR magazine are looking forward to leading you in your journey to stardom.

I Will Follow You Into the Dark cover by Chad Rudolph

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