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Undefeated Boxer Jessica Camera Says Lights Out to All Opponents

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  • Saturday,Mar 17, 2018
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Jessica Camera is another top talexecutive
talent searchent to feature in the March 2018 issue of TR MAGAZINE. Jessica is an undefeated boxer from Canada and was brought to TalentRaters Executive Talent Search by Clay Dustin Public Relations-Promotions and Sports Entertainment. 

One look at Jessica’s pictures and it’s easy to see that she is a beautiful young lady, but do not be deceived! This girl packs and “old school” wallop and has muscles on top of muscles. She is indeed well trained.

“When I step into the boxing ring I have tunnel vision. My mind is set on the victory. I think of all the pain and sacrifice that it took to get there. I feel that all my hard work is being put to the test and it is my time to shine.”

Jessica comes from a violent family which many can relate to. Jessica’s sanctuary was her Godmother who was more like a mother to her and taught her countless valuable lessons. Unfortunately, Jessica’s Godmother was diagnosed with cancer during her high school years and watching her suffer was so overwhelming that it caused her to act out. At age 17, she got into a serious fight in school and was charged as a youth offender. Shortly after this happening, her Godmother passed which was devastating to the young lady. Jessica struggled greatly with the loss of her Godmother.

Upon returning to school, she became a straight A student and graduated with honors. She was motivated to improve every aspect of her life. She became very intrigued by fitness and wanted to push herself physically. She exercised at the school gym every day after school.

Not long thereafter, Jessica was introduced to a local boxing gym where she was invited to participate in a boxing class. She fell in love with the sport and ever since it’s been Game On! She was motivated to return to the gym every day to improve her conditioning and technique. Her hard work had her feeling worthy, valuable and deserving. She found her release through boxing and was able to turn her bad situation around to work in my favor and realized her skills were best served in the ring! Now Jessica is a deadly force to reckon with!

Let’s get it on!!

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