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  • Wednesday,Oct 04, 2017
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by Nick Christophers

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bandsIt may be a dried up subject but the public still yearns for “mob genre” films and TV shows. Ever since the departure of “The Sopranos” there hasn’t been much going on with that genre aside from the recent fanfare for the series “Deuces” on Netflix which has created a new buzz.  Director, Sean King, has realized the void in that genre and has been working hard on a web series called “Brooklyn Ties”.

“The project first took root last January 2016 as we took months of casting for the right people for the right roles. I believe as an indie filmmaker by taking your time in a film project does lead to professionalism by believing in your project to make a huge success,” said director Sean King.

Since the release of the trailer a year ago it has stirred up a lot of heat. On one site that featured an article about the trailer it garnered 10,000 hits in the first day. The series features seasoned and new actors / actresses.  There are such standouts like Chris Esposito (Vault of Terror II: The Undead), Raffaelle Santorelli (My Father, My Son: Gotti Story), Sybelle Silverphoenix (Tower Heist) and Joey Snyder (Denatured).

For one actor in particular it is a big opportunity to shine in a series that has a lot of potential. Joey Snyder is fairly new to the game even though this is his sixth project. His first stab at acting was for the short “Denatured” (2015) where he played a gang leader during Prohibition. It was a step in the right direction for upcoming projects. His look and charisma were a big reason why director Sean King chose to cast Joey. Joey plays the character of Alonzo DelVecchio.

“He is best friends with Sal Marino, played by lead actor Seth Nicoletti. Alonzo lives life in the now, in the moment, a “street life” with Sal. He is a bit more pragmatic in specific situations but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty as well. What is attractive to me about the Alonzo role is he has the street mentality but is also just a young kid and doesn’t have the years of experience as the other characters. It makes him a complex & vulnerable character for Brooklyn Ties and it’s been exciting working with Steve Denett and Sean King to bring that to the screen.”

Joey has always found the “mob genre” fascinating like most of the public. The web series offered him the opportunity to take on a larger role than his previous projects. He is also in pre-production on another film but he is more focused on putting the finishing touches on “Brooklyn Ties”. The promo for the web series is due out soon by as early as 2018 and the release date is around March. It will be shopped to all Networks including Showtime, Netflix and Starz. But in the meantime it will be available on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

Director, Sean King was drawn to the acting style of Joe Snyder and felt he was perfect for the part of Alonzo. Joe’s partner in the film Seth Nicoletti (who plays the role of Sal Marino) automatically meshed with him and the acting chemistry was perfect. The duo seemed to connect in a way that other actors who auditioned could not do. Seth is very pleased with both actors who are an integral part of the film’s success. “Brooklyn Ties” will blow people away and it’s not your typical mob story but one that captures the human side of its characters. Be on the look-out for this sure to be hit.

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