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Why Acknowledge and Cultivate Your Talents?

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  • Friday,Jul 13, 2018
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By: Joseph C. Bennett

magazineWhat is talent?  Talent is natural aptitude or skills that an individual possesses.  We at TalentRaters believe that everyone has talent.  Of course not everyone can sing, dance, or play drums but others have the ability rescue victims from a burning building, or others have the ability to cure or heal the sick, while others have the built in know how to invent products and machines that make life easier for the approximately 7.6 billion of us that inhabit the planet earth.

How about so many of us that have such a hard time recognizing our talents because we suffer from low self-esteem or battle with confidence issues on a daily basis.  I’m not as talented as John or I could never be a pretty model like Sally.  Don’t believe that ever!  You have an amazing talent to share if you simply take the time to acknowledge it.  If you look inward and still are convinced that you have not even one talent or gift, then we at TalentRaters can help you discover and cultivate your talent(s).

Why is it important to acknowledge and cultivate your talents?  It’s important because it is something that you can do well and your talent is something that gives you purpose and meaning and most often your talents help others or better their lives.  Think of a concert you’ve attended and when you look back on that experience you realize how greatly it inspired you and impacted your life.  Think about someone you knew that wasn’t given long to live but a certain team of doctors wouldn’t accept that fact and their radically procedure not only saved that person’s live but cause them to live many years as a result.

I believe that everyone on this earth is put on this earth for a reason.  We all also have freewill to use our talents to make the world a better place or we can choose to hurt others and impact our world negatively.  What say you?  How will you choose to use your talents?  Will you use them for good or for evil?

Dare to be Greater with TalentRaters!

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