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Why it is Important to Give Opportunities For Children's Talents?

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  • Friday,Jun 08, 2018
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Children are a storehouse of creativity, talent, and novel ideas. Give them an opportunity and they will pleasantly surprise you with a flair for a variety of activities. There are no boundaries to their talents. It can extend from exploring the space to diving under the sea, from sports field to painting canvases, from singing to delivering dialogues on a stage, from experimenting in laboratories to tossing pans in kitchens - you name it and they have it! Thus, it is essential to recognise the hidden talents of children and give them a chance to explore, learn, and excel in it. 
The need to nurture talents

Along with regular schooling, it is important to provide a plenty of opportunities where children can show their natural skills. Introducing children to various activities, topics, and games gives them a chance to explore, learn, and discover their talent. And, this discovery plays a significant role in shaping their future.

Talents provide a sense of achievement and a unique identity to children. Identifying and nurturing the natural flairs right from the formative years of children gives them ample time to learn and excel in it. These talents remain as a constant companion throughout their life's journey. And, depending upon how a child wants to pursue their skill, they may either choose to possess it as a dear hobby or make it a profession when they grow up.

Talents also give a chance to develop interpersonal skills and confidence. For example, if a child attends keyboard lessons, she will get introduced to a different set of people to mingle with. When she gets a chance to perform, she will mix with other instrumentalists like the drummer, guitarist etc., broadening her zone of interaction. And, the more times she gets an opportunity to be on stage, the sooner she will let go of her stage fear, learn stage etiquettes and develop as a more confident performer.

Giving every dream a chance

When natural talents appear, it is important to give a chance for it to grow and flourish. It is essential to provide a proper guidance so that children have a better understanding of their skill and gets inspired to hone it further.

As the first step, three children with the aspirations of becoming a chef, an astronaut, and an actress were given necessary mentorship and training through professionals in the field of their choice. These children received guidance and training in the field of dance, football, origami, culinary, and theatre. Several professionals and organisations joined hands to provide mentorship to these children, and the result was exemplary.

The Way Forward

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