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Pop Singer Taliia


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  • Friday,Mar 24, 2017
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Pop Artist Taliia with a Passion for Music and the Arts

Nataliia Chelpanova, stage name Taliia, came from Moscow, Russia. Currently, she is in Los Angeles, CA. At age 6, she has shown passion for music. It was then harnessed by attending piano, vocal lessons, acting classes and music theory.

Her passion for music has taken her all the way to London where she studied Artist Development at Access to Music London, UK’s first choice destination for school leavers who want to follow their passion for a career in the creative industries. Taliia successfully completed the course and gained a distinction in her Rock School diploma. She also passed with the ABRSM Music Theory examination with distinction.

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Pop Singer

Taliia is a pop singer and lyricist. She said that there is no standard topic for her as her inspiration in writing comes from different places. She also mentioned that sometimes negative experiences can help her come up with an idea for a song. Like any other young artists, Taliia loves to have fun and she loves new adventures. She enjoys diversity and interaction with other people in different cultures and several music styles can be heard in her music. Her songs are a mix of modern, relevant lyrics, catchy hooks, and up tempo tunes that can be described as a combination of cosmic electropop with sexy rap. She enjoys Ariana Grande and really loves her song “Dangerous Women”.

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Pop Singer

“The One from September” is Taliia’s debut album and it released the summer of 2015 which is available on her website and all digital music platforms. It was presented in Moscow and the video review from "The One from September" Presentation is available on her Youtube channel. Her music received support of many radio stations: BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio, XRP Radio, Hit Mix UK, EGH Radio, Beyond the Dawn Radio, Mattrix Radio and many others. 4 singles from this album were recently released on Mattrix Mixtape on different volumes: Fiesta, Thelma & Louise, The Cherry Smoke and Moscow Drive.

Here’s how Taliia described her songs:

“Moscow Drive” is very close to my heart. Moscow drive is actually a metaphor for a plentiful life. The song is about trying to see past what you might think are your limitations and chancing the unknown withs the potential of being very rewarding.

“Fiesta” is a funny story of a girl during her weekend. It’s fun to dance to, and I love to dance to it.  I hope It provides a complete “fiesta” to the listener and speaks to the adventure that every heart craves to embark on a journey, have a lots of fun, and I certainly had lots of fun creating it.”

“Thelma & Louise” was such an inspirational movie. This movie portrays a beautiful female friendship and watching it I started thinking about relationships, woman’s abuse issues which are sadly worse than shown by this powerful fictional film.  I want to inspire all of my listeners, especially female listeners, to stand up for themselves.  I also desire for my male listeners, to cherish women. I want to inspire hope and equal rights in the same manner as was inspired by “Thelma & Louise”.

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Pop Singer

Taliia is currently working on her second album and is also looking for new collaborations. She believes that she has the hottest material that is ready for recording.  Taliia is very interested in finding the right representation in America and creating her own show.

Taliia would like to perform in New York like Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Nassau Coliseum, Izod Centre, etc. She said she’s very excited to discover and perform in the USA.

Taliia’s advice to aspiring artists is to invest time in creating your music. Creating a good song takes a lot of effort, energy, time, thought, and focus. It requires rewriting, multiple drafts, and faith in what you are doing, so just create the music you would love the most.

“Special thanks to Joe Bennett of TalentRaters for interviewing me. That’s an amazing opportunity and I really appreciate it and I would like to thank all of my fans, listeners, and all of my supporters because they mean the world to me.  Love you all.”

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Fiesta (Official Song)


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