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  • Friday,May 19, 2017
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Watch Out Shinedown There’s A New Band in Town

The next band to be featured in TR Magazine knows exactly how to deliver an energetic punch to its audience with their song “Mistaken” that literally attacks you right out of the gates with a super-fast drum solo and heavy hitting guitars.  At the same time, these guys know how to dial it back and play a heartfelt ballad as is the case in their song “Seasons” showing so much versatility, emotion, and skill.  This song is so good and definitely has a hook in the first 10 seconds of play.  I can’t help but noticing subtle similarities to another awesome hard rock band, Shinedown, which is nothing less than a major compliment.  If anyone is familiar with the band, Shinedown, they bring their "A Game on" every performance.

Without further ado, from the great states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we give you One Time Mountain.

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one time

This band has been playing together for 4 years playing hard rock music while adding a jolt to the music scene that they believe has been missing for a long time. One Time Mountain represents a group of guys that are really determined to make a difference while punching the face of the rock gods with their music and leave their audience something to remember.

The Band
Brian Murphy - Lead Guitars
Alex Nekrylau - Vocals 
Matt Valliere - Drums
Jeff Blute - Rhythm Guitars
Milton Jones – Bass

“Everything inspires us to make music and in some instances, music inspires us to make music”, stated Brian. The entire band writes a lot. There are songs that Matt, the drummer, wrote melodic pieces to after finishing the drum parts.

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one time

The band songs are very diverse. “It’s about being in the company of someone during the last minutes of their life, suicide and prevention, aliens, rock and roll, life, fake news/conspiracies, and even just having a bad day, says Murphy.”

Album Review by Joe Bennett

I was fortunate enough to listen to One Time Mountain’s new album “Seasons” in advance and all I have to say is this album is a buyer’s delight.  What I mean by that is every song on this album is good.  The musicianship of this band is outstanding.  Matt Valliere is a very fast, energetic, and super talented drummer capable of incredible double bass and solo work.  Alex Nekrylau has the perfect vocal range, on the same level as Miles Kennedy of Alterbridge (also from Massachusettes) and Brent Smith of Shinedown, with great screaming ability and the ability to get you on your feet and at the same time the ability to show a softer melodic vocal as well.

Jeff Blute’s rhythm guitar complements Murphy’s Lead Guitar so perfectly while Milton Jones is constantly in perfect symmetry with Valliere.  Now, let’s bring Murphy into the spotlight for a moment.  This individual is such a good guitarist that I literally got chills listening to his guitar parts with respect to the new songs off their album “Seasons”.  I honestly have to say that his lead guitar play parallels such legends as Satriani, Rhodes, and Wylde.  You’ll see what I mean when you purchase a copy of their new album “Seasons” on July 15.  The guys tell me once the album releases it will soon be available at all retailers, iTunes, Amazon, CDBABY, etc.

When asked what advice they can give to aspiring musicians, Brian said “If you want to make it, you don't need advice; you'll know what to do. Be smart about who you work with. Don't place your trust in foolish sworn promises.”  

Again please watch for One Time Mountain’s 3 song EP release and their Full Length album July 15, 2017. They now have 25 songs total counting their new album.

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  • My hat is off to you One Time Mountain. You are an extremely talented band that definitely is going to greater heights. Stay the course and the big opportunities will come. Awesome!