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GRANDHOUR is The New Thunder Down Under & Beyond Best Rock Artist

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  • Thursday,May 25, 2017
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Best Rock Artist Australia

Take a super hot rocker sheila resembling the "bad girl" rocker version of Nicole Kidman except with gorgeous jet black hair and tats and combine her with two extremely skillful brothers one playing drums and the other guitar, and then throw in an extremely talented and famous bass player and what do you get?  GRANDHOUR, from Melbourne, Australia (Australia’s capital for rock music), and they are all original members playing together for 4 years so far.  They also won “Best Rock Artist” at the 2016 Australian Independent Music Awards.  

Lead Guitarist, Jason Hawkins gives some insight to the band, “We all have some old school rock influences, and Nicole writes with a very folky/pop style, so when you put it together, the result is emotional rock with a commercial pop edge.  Nicole & I have actually been playing together for around 15 years. We got together with Jerome and started work-shopping songs for the first album about 6 years ago, a couple of years before Mark joined the band.”

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Best Rock

Band Members & Their Roles

Nicole Hawkins – Primary songwriter / Lead vocals / Rhythm guitar

Jason Hawkins – (Band producer & MD) Lead guitar / main backing vocals

Jerome Smith – Bass guitar / backing vocals

Mark Hawkins – Drums / backing vocals

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Best Rock

From left to right - Jerome Smith, Mark Hawkins, Jason Hawkins, and Nicole Hawkins

About The Band Best Rock Artist

Nicole tells us, "I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs since I was about 13 years old. Writing songs and playing music has been the one consistent element in my life and the one thing I always come back to and love best rock artist.

Jason has been a musician since he was 7 years old playing various instruments through school before settling on guitar as a teenager. Jason is a qualified audio engineer and produced our first album. He also mixed half the tracks.

Jerome is originally from New York and has been playing bass and touring since he was a teenager. He has played with a plethora of artists including Mick Jagger, Jewel, Jimmy Barnes, Divinyls & Keith Richards. He moved to Australia about 14 years ago to tour with the Divinyls.

Mark is Jason’s brother and has been playing drums and percussion since an early age. He and Jason have played together throughout their lives in various musical activities. Mark is also an accomplished violinist, superbike instructor, master tech diver and has a Masters of Business with honors from Melbourne, Harvard & Oxford Universities."

Their Album

GRANDHOUR’s first album ‘Bombs & Bullets’ was released commercially in November 2015. The band is currently in the process of recording their second album.

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Best Rock

Musical Influences

The band’s influences include: Queen, Iron Maiden, Toto, AC/DC, Metallica, Audio Slave, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix. Nicole’s songwriting is also influence by singer/songwriters & best rock artists like Carol King, Carley Simon, Jeff Buckly, Queen, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana.

What Sets Them Apart?

Jason tells us, “I think the fact that we built our own recording studio prior to recording our first album gives us an advantage because it allows us to rehearse in our own space at least 3 times a week, plus when we record we are not limited to time constraints so we can take our time and make sure our music is the way we want it best rock artist.

Our age and musical experience sets us apart from younger bands, plus one of our aims is to provide our fans with a lot of musical diversity and variety on our records.”

Favorite Venue to Play

GRANDHOUR loves Memo Music Hall in Melbourne, and a few of them have also played at Rod Laver which they consider another awesome performance venue.

How They Met

Nicole: “Jason and I originally met because we both worked in the music industry. I needed some help on a demo I was recording so we did some recording together plus some duet work. Fast forward many years later, and the building of our studio later and we got Jerome on board as bass player. We also knew Jerome through the music business as he worked in a retail music store.

Being Jason’s brother, Mark was not too hard to find, although we originally thought he would have too many other commitments to be part of the band as he runs his own business. As it turned out, he was looking to get back into playing more often, so he was super keen on being part of the band best rock artist.”


Nicole: “It is difficult for me to pigeon-hole our ‘best rock artist' or ‘favorite’ song! We have had such amazing feedback on different songs from different people on our current album. Different songs seem to connect with people on a different day depending on their mood.

I believe some of the best songs I have ever written are on the new up-coming album we are currently recording.

I write songs from an emotional standpoint whether it is my own personal experience, or an emotion I feel from someone else’s experiences. I never force songs and only write when the right energy is there.

Musical Goals

GRANDHOUR’s goals in the music industry are to create unforgettable albums that move, touch, and inspire people. If their music can resonate with others, then they are able to consider their music successful!

Label Status

GRANDHOUR is signed to their own independent label, Rock Hawk Records. They made the decision to create their own label so they could have full artistic control over their music /videos/image and they are also interested in developing and working with other artists down moving forward.

Can anyone be a Musician?

“Anyone can be a musician, it just depends on what your goal is. To be a professional/commercial musician requires a lifetime of work, commitment, dedication and sacrifice. This is obviously not for everyone. However, anyone can (and should) enjoy playing an instrument, singing or making music for fun!” says GRANDHOUR.

The band tells us, “To be successful in the music industry requires a multitude of skills, plus as we just mentioned, a lifetime of work, commitment, dedication and sacrifice. Every aspect of what you do is important, from the songs to the playing, to the recording, to the marketing and relationship with fans. The #1 thing is to have great songs and always play to enhance the emotion of the song. Connecting with people is what it is all about.

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Bombs and Bullets (Official Music Video Best Rock Artist)

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  • GRANDHOUR, you are such a fantastic band! Congratulations on winning "Best Rock Artist" at the Australian Independent Music Awards in 2016. You deserve it! We hope to see you for many many years to come.