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Beat Funktion

The Best Jazz Band of All Time - Beat Funktion

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  • Thursday,Jun 29, 2017
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About the Beat Funktion Band

Beat Funktion is a Swedish jazz funk band consisting of a six-piece improvisational group. It has improved over the years since its formation in 2007, and it has become one the first ever Swedish band to be at the top of American and Canadian jazz radio charts by summer of 2014. It is one of the top rock bands with a music mix of funk, jazz, R&B, soul, and afro-beat. Their music is instrumental with occasional vocal guest singers. The Beat Funktion became a permanent working unit in 2008 after some successful performances.

Members of Beat Funktion and their Key Roles

The band consists of six members as mentioned earlier. All the six work in harmony to ensure the success of the Beat function. Their dress code is somewhat the same and exhibits the 70’s fashion which is quite admirable.

Members and their respective roles in the band are as outlined below.

1.    Daniel Lantz

He is in charge of the keyboards. His experience as jazz, classical, folk, and rock pianist makes him deliver his best to the band. He is also a soloist and charged with the role of composing, arranging, and production. He has worked over the years as a freelancer with most musicians from hard rock bands. On his own, Daniel has released three known albums with his jazz piano trio. His contribution to the band is very significant.


2.    Karl Olandersson

Karl is the leading Scandinavia’s jazz trumpet soloist with impeccable timing, blazing and improvisational imagination. He has released three albums on his own, all of which have received praises from all of his audiences.


3.    Olle Thunstrom

He is in charge of the tenor sax. He has a well-developed personal tenor sax. Big band sound artists such as Wayne Shorter and Dexter Gordon have contributed a lot to his tenor development. His experience is worthwhile mentioning. Olle was one of the busiest freelancers by 90’s, and he has had experience working with Bo Stief, Etta Cameron, and Maria Schneider. Also, he has had a hands-on experience with the big band sound both as a musician, a leader, and an arranger.


4.    Johan Oijen

His experience playing electric guitar is never in question. It is a role that he has played with passion at Beat Funktion, and he has shown his melodic and rhythmic skills from time to time.


5.    Pal Johnson

Pal is a bass player and has the ability for both electric bass and double bass. He has 30 years of his career, and he has played along with some of the greatest artists of his time. He currently works as a sponsored artist for EBS, East, and Velvet.


6.    Jon Eriksson

He is the youngest of the six band members, but you won’t hesitate to listen to him when he is on his drums. He is a trained musician from Music Conservatory of Rio and college of music in Orebro. Jon the drum prodigy is currently a studio producer of electronic and pop music.


Beat Funktion Released Albums

From the desk of TR Magazine, we report that Beat Funktion has a total of six albums released already. Just as mentioned, five of those albums have acclaimed international fame outside the native country Canada. Let’s dig deep into the albums beginning with the latest release.

Green Man

Green Man is their latest release, album number six on the list, consisting of ten tracks. “Green man” has given the band another dimension of their music. It must as well be termed as their first vocal album, and it has been loved by disco-jazz fans worldwide. The added vocals featured more than eight guest singers from different genres and nationalities. Green man is destined to gain the attention of many more fans and make the band to be known globally.


An album released in 2015 with 15 tracks. Olympus, just as the Green Man, also has a team of guest singers from various hard rock bands in the region. It features Damon Elliott, Sani Gamedze, and Rebecca Laakso. It is the first album that featured guest vocals, and that added the taste to their music.

Mandy’s Secret

Album number four released in September 2014 consisting of ten tracks. Recorded and produced by Mats Bjorke and Daniel Lantz. This high-octane jazz-funk was to shed light on the mysterious story of Mandy.

Voodoo Land

Voodoo Land was launched twice, the first one in 2013 and then in 2014. Just as other albums, there were the invited guest artists who together contributed making it sky-rocket upon its release.

Moon Town

Moon Town was launched in 2013, and it tells the dark tales of a fictitious city full of awful actions. The musical cascade and vocalists in this album make it impossible turn away your ears when it is playing.

The Plunge

It is their debut album that gave them the name. This album was released in 2010 and consisted of only eight tracks which feature upbeat, catchy, and mesmerizing funk and disco grooves.

If you are still very curious, you can find more information about the Beat Funktion jazz band from Sweden from their official website. You can navigate through their pages to watch and listen to any of their albums. Have a taste of what you might have missed. The best of the Beat Funktion.

How Do I Reach Beat Funktion?

Just as other top rock bands, Beat Funktion is available on social media. You can have a chat with them on Facebook, google plus, and twitter. Their direct contacts are on their website. Click here to navigate. You can order any of their albums from the CD Baby music store and enjoy the best of Beat Funktion.

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