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Eryn Shewell

The Hidden Truth of the Great Eryn Shewell

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  • Tuesday,Jul 04, 2017
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Eryn Shewell is an aspiring, emerging artist from Holmdel, New Jersey. She has developed a good reputation in her career as jazz, blues, and country music vocalist. The great performances Eryn Shewell has done in her native land have established her fame in the world of modern pop music. She is currently a band leader, vocalist, guitarist and a songwriter at Eryn & The Whiskey Devils.

Eryn Shewell's Biography

Eryn Shewell was born on 26th June 1984 in a musical family. A live interview with her and TR Magazine reveals her background and modeling process and her love for the Retro pop music that she cherishes today. “I grew up in a very musical family where everyone sang.” She said in one of the interviews. She is a daughter of Larry Shewell and Dawn Jennings of Freehold, New Jersey.

Eryn Shewell started her music career at the age of 13 years when she received her first guitar as a gift from her father. She could only watch her aunt’s country band Sundance from a distance. The passion developed in her, and she became a registered member of the band a year later. That made a turning point in her life. She attended Jackson Memorial High school where her passion for hard rock music never died.

She studied music theory and voice as a prerequisite to her career. While at school, Eryn Shewell started honing her songwriting skills under the guidance of Jody Joseph. She was persuaded to join Jody’s band as well, she then became a member of two top rock bands of that time.

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Eryn Shewell's Social Life

Eryn Shewell, as many people came to know her, is a lady whose presence is impossible to ignore when she is around you. Apart from her great music, she is also a sexy pinup model. Yes, I have to agree, and you will concur that she is a model just like Haleh Saberi, a Persian supermodel, and Marta Torre, an Italian supermodel. Her occasional posts on Facebook reveal it. Your eyes will be glued to her photos involuntarily. You can also follow her posts from other social sites.

You will agree with me that the beauty and physical look that she has, she is the center of attention. She received proposals from many suitors and finally gave in to William Schneider. They engaged in 27th May 2003, a year after her graduation from high school. They were honored to have a daughter named Emily. However, their marriage lasted about a year. She had a great passion for music and was under pressure to continue with her career which led to separation with William in early 2004.

Eryn Shewell lived a single life after that till she met Mat O’Ree. As her Facebook profile reveals, her relationship with Matt started in 2015, and they got engaged in 23rd December 2016. The duo musicians were believed to be the perfect match to form a hard rock band of all times. Her devotees posted congratulatory messages on her official website. Quoting directly from one of her fans, “Congratulations to you and Matt on your engagement… What an excellent musical duo!”

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Music Career and Released Albums Eryn Shewell

Thus far, Eryn Shewell has released four albums that have hit the headlines, and loved by her enthusiasts. No one wish to miss any of her shows when she is doing a live performance. Her albums include "Children at Play" released in June 2012, "4th and Broadway" launched in December 2009, "Window Pane" featuring 12 songs released in December 2008, and "Eryn Shewell" released in June 2013. All the albums are available on her official website for download. You will get maximum entertainment and never hesitate to listen to them yourself.

Achievements and honors

As an artist performing on top rock bands, Eryn Shewell has made a name for herself winning awards and reaching the final stages of many competitions. She competes favorably with other great country music artists such as TJ Leonard. Below are her top achievements and honors as an artist.

1.    2009 Semi-Finalist - Songwars Songwriting Competition,

2.    2009 Top Ten Finalist - 100% Music Songwriting Competition.

3.    2009 Honorable Mention - Gary Allen Music City Song Competition,

4.    2009 Honorable Mention - BillBoard World Song Competition,

5.    2009 Asbury Music Award Top Female Vocalist,

6.    2009 International Blues Competition – Regional Finalist,

7.    2010 International Blues Competition - Regional Finalist,

8.    2011 Asbury Music Award Top Female Vocalist,

9.    2011 Asbury Music Award Top Blues Band

10.    2015 BELK Southern Musician Showcase

11.    2016 New York/New Jersey Blues Hall of Fame

Eryn Shewell's Hobbies and Other Skills

Apart from music, Eryn Shewell is also an expert in graphic arts and painting. She has an associate degree in audio engineering. Besides, she is a certified practitioner of social media marketing. “I am in the process of finishing my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design…” She told TR Magazine in this interview. Being a mother, she had other means of earning her living, putting music aside. She has a lot to keep her busy though never revealing the specific activities she engages in for leisure.

Eryn Shewell Ambitions and plans

Having done collaborations with many emerging artists from top rock bands and new rock bands, Eryn is still ambitious to make more records and perform with others. She has recently performed on guitarist and songwriter Matt O’Ree's album "Brotherhood", whose music features invited guest artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Steve Cropper, and David Bryan.

As if that’s not enough, she claims that all she wants is to do what she does best every day and gain new experiences every time, tour the world, and support her family. She declares to continue with music for as long as she lives. Performing on different stages and entertaining her supporters in New Jersey and beyond.

She dreams to be an international artist, performing not only in her native land NJ, but also overseas. Eryn Shewell gives great appreciations to Joe Bennett of TalentRaters her daughter Emily, her fiancé Matt, all her friends and family, to all the fans, and anyone else for their continued support. She will make her ambitions alive due to continued support from her fans, and without them, she can't even make a step.

Eryn Shewell is a jazz and blues guitarist and vocalist with a great future as a musician. She is lively, and anyone can easily reach her through her official website and on social media. She has a great love for all her supporters from around the world. Let’s give her the support she requires to help her nurture her talent.

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I Cant Stand the Rain

by Erin Shewell & the Wiskey Devils

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  • You have such a beautiful soulful voice, Eryn. I am so deeply moved by your rendition of Hallelujah.