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Voice of Baceprot

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  • Wednesday,Jul 05, 2017
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Breaking the Stereotype

Many people all over the planet are of the belief that Muslim women are submissive and oppressed. They do not have the freedom to live their lives as they wish to and will get stoned or killed by their husbands if they do something that makes them happy. Their passion gets them killed. They don’t have a voice of baceprot their own.  The assumptions are worse for Muslim women who wear hijab.

The notion is pretty common on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. After interacting with many people, atheists and theists, you will come to know exactly how little knowledge they have, how misinformed they are.  One page on Facebook posted a picture of a hijabi metalhead fan with Nergal of Behemoth and everyone lost their minds. The number of hate-comments was higher than acceptable that a Hijab-wearing female could be a metalhead just like them and can attend concerts.  You can’t really blame people because they just believe what media shows them with very little research of their own.  Some of them post hate comments because they think it’s cool and because they have the freedom to give unnecessary opinions. Another common metalhead notion is that you’re a Satan worshipper if you listen to heavy metal, and if not a Satan worshipper you’re probably an atheist. The Voice of Baceprot, however, begs to differ. Hijab isn't a restriction, it's a choice.

To be fair, we have many stereotype breakers rising to fight against the false notions circulating throughout societies. Not long ago we heard of another stereotype breaker, Haleh Saberi, a 44 year-old Iranian Muslim nurse- model- mother of two teens.  Haleh always wanted to be a model and so, she achieved that goal by stepping over the false notion that women don’t have a voice and can’t have a dream job.  Haleh who isn’t dead or stoned made her choices and now intends to continue her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Similar Voice of Baceprot Muslim Women

Similarly, Voice of Bacerot – the emerging talent of Indonesia stepped over all those silly notions, broke all stereotypes in 2014 and they were loud and clear. This thrash metal band comprising of three hijabi-girls Firdda Kurnia (vocals, guitar), Euis Siti Aisyah (drums) and Widi Rahmawati (bassist) is an answer to those masses that Muslim Women are not voiceless or oppressed; in fact, they are just as loud as a Christian woman or an atheist woman. The name of the band itself means “NOISY” in their ethnic language Sundanese. Surely, there are Muslim bands from Egypt, Arabia, UAE but they compose mostly of men, and it isn’t every day you get to see three hijab-wearing metalheads performing metal.

 The trio met in school during a boring music class where they came across the heavy metal collection of their music teacher Erza Satia and instantly fell in love with it. That was the birth of their hidden talent. The 35-year-old now acts as their manager. Of course, where the three have found the constant support they have also received hate-mails and death-threats from some conservatives. The band after receiving appreciation and acclaim throughout Java is now blasting its way to the Asian Music Scene. In case, you’re wondering about their originals, well, their performances aren’t only limited to covering Slipknot, Lamb of God or their third favorite Rage against the machine. They have penned original songs covering mainly the issues at hand like religious tolerances to social and climatic change. One would admit after giving the "The School of Student (School Revolution)” a listen, that it gets to your head for some time with those catchy riffs and Firdda’s melodious voice. So far they have four originals. Though most of their music is in their ethnic language they have managed to attract audiences from other parts of the world like Croatia and Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and many other countries.

The band, other than noise reflects the positivity and believes metal doesn’t have to be about evil or dark stuff or about worshipping and praising the devil. One can convey the positive messages through lyrics. Many hard rock groups like Led Zeppelin, System of a Down, Rage against the Machine, even Iron Maiden to some extent, have used music to help understand history and social problems. Most of the bands went on the whole “Maybe, we worship the devil” thing mostly as a gimmick to sell their music. It was more of a fashion in many ways. Many famous bands even comprise of people of faith. Iron maiden’s drummer Nicko is of Christian faith. Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is of Christian Faith as well, so is Alice Cooper. Rock or Metal bands haven’t always been the works of evil. There is and can be more to it than the devil as the false notions convey. Hence, why can’t three Hijab wearing girls play metal?

The VOB stands for gender equality in Indonesia by promoting an all-girls hijab-wearing band to the Indonesian conservatives who mostly find it un-Islamic or controversial to their many beliefs. The purpose is to show the world that Hijab doesn’t and can’t stop a woman from doing what she loves. She can sing with the hijab on, she can be a writer, a poet or an engineer. To be fair it’s a wonderful step, if Muslim men could sing and play guitars why shouldn’t hijab-wearing Muslim girls?  Albeit, there has been and there will be quite a lot of criticism but the trio dreams of performing in the United States one day. And nothing can stop them. 

School Revolution


The Enemy of Earth is You


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  • You ladies are fantastic! I am so impressed by your playing and vocal abilities. My eyes are opened!