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What Everyone Must Know about Fleur Seule Band Jazz Music

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  • Friday,Jul 21, 2017
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Get The Most out of Fleur Seule Band Jazz Music

Jazz music is considered an important part of the music industry but only few bands know the art of making it enjoyable for people around them. Let TalentRaters Executive Talent Search introduce you to Fleur Seule, a band that knows everything about playing perfect Jazz music. The reason for choosing Jazz as their music genre is the fact that it is a joyful experience for their audience.

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Located in Manhattan, they have been playing together for 3 years. The lead singer of Fleur Seule is Allyson Briggs, the vocalist and bandleader. Sam Weber is their bassist and arranger, and has been with Fleur Seule band from the start. John Hubbell is their drummer and recording session’s engineer. On their albums, they feature Alex Levine on guitar, Andy Warren on trumpet, Russell Kranes on piano, and Dan White on saxophone. All band members were found through word of mouth. They have created three albums and more are on the way. 

Their music influences come from Big Bands, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, etc., and vocalists that include Frank Sinatra, the Andrews Sisters, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday and many more. The lead singer Allyson can sing in seven languages that includes French, German, Spanish, English, Yiddish, Italian, and Portuguese while also having the ability to speak in four languages.  Now that’s pretty exceptional to say the least!

The thing that sets the band apart from other bands is that they are pretty young, but old souls at heart which can be seen in their music. The band has not signed with any labels yet, but they are hopeful.

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Favorite venues of this band include Tavern on the Green, The Rainbow Room, and The Chelsea Bell that has become their regular concert venues. The Tavern has a glorious dancing atmosphere that allows you to watch dancers enjoying the music. The Rainbow Room is all about glamour while the Chelsea Bell has become their jazz club of choice unexpectedly due to regular crowds. 

While talking about music with TalentRaters they explained that music is something that comes from within. “Not just anyone can become a musician by choice because music chooses you.” It cannot be chosen as a way of life but rather it becomes a part of your inner soul.

The band is inspired by the 40s music and lifestyle that they try to bring it back through their music. Allyson and Sam collaborate often to write 1940s inspired songs. You can listen to these songs on their first album “The Return of Glamour”. The band mostly plays 6-10 shows per week. The most popular songs are “Heya, Joe,” and “I Love Being in Trouble with You.” They are inspired by dancers of that era and by Allyson’s husband. Joke! It was always her creative skills that magically transformed their songs into a sort of musical inspiration similar to that of another artist, Eryn Shewell, recently featured in TR MAGAZINE or Thu Le guitarist.

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The goal of this band is to revive time period specific music on a global scale so our generations would experience and enjoy it. 

The advice the band gives to aspiring artists is “Stay hungry and stay humble. There are many, many stages to each bit of growth and success. If you are doing what you love, then it won’t feel like work. Keep at it!”

In the end the band said, “Fleur Seule would like to thank Joe Bennett of TalentRaters, record labels, management, family, friends, family, fans, and supporters for taking the time to find out more about us! We hope you will visit our website: and come see us live.”

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  • I love that there is a band out there still keeping this era of music alive! Fleur Seul you are a breath of fresh air. Keep this wonderful music coming!