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Mongie Dlamini

Who Else Wants to Know about Mongie Dlamini?

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  • Monday,Jul 31, 2017
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What Mongie Dlamini Can Teach You About Music

TalentRaters Magazine is always looking for emerging artists but this time we have found super talented and handsome Mongie Dlamini. Chaylin Mongie Dlamini is originally from South Africa. He is currently residing in Port Elizabeth city of South Africa but in a few months he is planning to move to New York City.
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gospel artist

Mongie Dlamini has chosen R&B and pop as his genre of music that he uses as a way to express stories. Chris Brown is his sort of inspiration and he is the reason that he has chosen this genre of music.

Mongie Dlamini's Career

Mongie Dlamini started his singing career at the age of 12 when he used to travel and everywhere he went he heard people singing. These voices left a pleasurable experience on him and caused him to want this career. Talking about the music industry, he told us that being a musician can be one of the hardest things although some people find it a very effortless job. Not everyone can pursue it as a career.

Contemplating My Next Song


Mongie Dlamini is an emerging artists that gets inspiration from everything like sadness, happiness etc. The songs that he likes most are “Sorry” and “My Baby My Lady” because they both tell a story from a real life experience. He thinks that without music his life will be incomplete.  

While telling about himself he explained that he is like everyone else out there. By religion he is Christian living with his granny and whenever he has time he gigs around her neighborhood. 

Vusi Xabi is one of the photographers he has worked with in her entire music career. He is a very kind loving person that believes in doing everything perfectly and on time.

Watch Out Chris Brown!


In the end this emerging artist gave a precious advice to fellow artists that “Work hard, don't give up and always remember you are in charge of your life and no one can ever take that away from you”.

At the close of the interview, Mongie thanked TalentRaters, Joe Bennett, friends, family, and everyone that supports him.

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My Baby My Lady (Official Song)

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  • Mongie, you have a beautiful voice that easily parallels that of Chris Brown, Neo, and Trey Songz. I hope to see you on New York City billboards before long.