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Nicole Michelle

Meet TR’s Young Songstress: Nicole Michelle

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  • Wednesday,Aug 02, 2017
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To follow your dreams as your career is enormous and only a few lucky ones get to do it. Most of the times the fire within is reduced to a nonentity, a whisk of smoke causing many artists to die before seeing the greatness of the talents they possess. That’s why TalentRaters exists, to help these natural born stars to reach the limits of the sky, explore their inner talents, and shine, brighter and stronger.

About Fervent Nicole Michelle Pelletier

A little over a month ago Talentraters stumbled upon one such stunning and fervent star Nicole Michelle Pelletier, a young star in the making, hailing from Pelham, New Hampshire.  Nicole goes by the stage name “Nicole Michelle” and had been singing for 7 years before she decided to pursue her music dream as her career. Of present, she records her music in Boston and has been doing so for the past 2 years.  Nicole Michelle's  style is mainly R&B or pop as she mentioned in an interview to Talentraters.

“I love the feeling and the soul in the music.” 

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R&B – Rhythm and Blues is a music genre that combines the soulful vocals and a robust backbeat. R&B music was basically fashioned by and for African Americans amid the end of World War II (1941-45) and the early 1960s. Nicole Michelle wants to be a professional celebrity vocalist someday and is leveling up on her goals day by day. When asked if there’s anything else she imagines herself doing instead or other than being a musician. She replied intensely:

“I want to be a professional celebrity vocalist because it has always been my number one passion since I was very young.”  

TalentRaters Magazine spokesperson, Joseph Bennett, asks, “Do you know how to play any instrument?”  To which Nicole replied, “I love playing the piano.” Playing piano is another one of her talents and she does it quite skillfully. Other hobbies besides music include spending time outdoors, because Nicolle Michelle is not a big fan of sports. At any rate, most musicians or artists don’t really have time for recreational activities such as sports, and being a musician or a singer means dedicating the rest of your life to music.

You basically live music, eat music, and breathe music. Nicole Michelle wants to air on big radio and wants to continue her journey to bigger stages and more attaining greater and greater success in her career. With many other artists, you have to be unique and sound different to music professionals, and the audiences, otherwise you will never get your big break.  In order to be distinguishable, an artist has to be so much more than all of the other artists in the pack. Above all else “Be you” Because every person has a unique aura. In response to a question “If you could trade places with any celebrity, who would it be?” she said:

“I can’t imagine myself to be another person; I would like to be me, but if I had to choose, it would be Demi Lavato”  ~

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Nicole’s major influence and inspiration is the singer and actress Demi Lovato because Demi Lovato, to be very honest, has proven herself to be a strong woman over the years. Not only is she a great songstress but also an ideal to many girls and women.  Nicole's greatest and finest achievements so far include singing for Patrio, Nascar, and the Celtics multiple times. She has opened for Bel Biv Devoe and Ayla Brown.  She has performed at the TD Garden and aside from singing the National Anthem, would love to do a major performance at Gillette Stadium in a concert.

Nicole Michelle an Amazing Single Released

Nicole Michelle has already released an amazing single “Listen” which happens to have a terrific video too. The video is shot in a high school class and Nicole is mostly singing in the video about her crush. Listen is about a first crush that understands you literally. Has the same interests as you and simply clicks with you. She’s working on an EP currently and intends to release an album soon. In an answer to where she sees herself in the next five years she replied:

“In 5 years I hope to be on the radio and well known in the music industry.”

Well, fingers crossed to you Nicole; with that beautiful and luscious voice of yours may you conquer the music industry someday. May the force be with you! Please take a moment to listen to Nicole Michelle's Official Music Video, "Listen"







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  • Great effort Nicole. A fine job you did there with your original "Listen". May you accomplish all your dreams. Godspeed to you.