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Killers of the Game

Angeles- Killers of the Game Album Release Smackdown!

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  • Thursday,Aug 03, 2017
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Killers of
the GameLegends Killers of The Game

In today’s music industry it is not uncommon for bands to start off strong making great music out of the gates and then for whatever reason fade to black becoming distant memories.  Then there are the elite musical artists that form lasting partnerships and bonds.  These bands start out strong and finish that much stronger.  Bands like the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, The Beatles, and our platinum artists that we are psyched to feature on the cover of TalentRaters Magazine Issue 2.  We give you Dale Lytle and Angeles! 

Some of you may remember that Angeles was published on the TalentRaters site in December of 2016.  Now, we’re featuring this band to discuss their new album Killers of the Game, their hit song “Cold Day in Hell”, and the exciting things that they are currently taking place with respect to the band.  Dale Lytle founded the band in 1978 and worked with Dave Raudman to recruit and unite the musicians that would form the band.  

Members of Angeles:

Dale Lytle- Guitar, Clare Diane - Vocals, Cal Shelton - Bass, Danny Basulto – Drums


Founded in 1978 by Dale Lytle, this band has been around a very long time, almost 40 years to be exact.  In the 1980’s, this was one of this biggest indie bands in Los Angeles.  This band is no stranger to playing big events having shared the stage with Bon Jovi, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Ratt, Guns & Roses, Metallica, and Ronnie James Dio.  No too shabby to say the least! 

In 1984 Angeles signed to Mystic records and released their debut album “We’re No Angels”. They were later featured in the September 1985 issueKillers of
the Game of Hit Parader Magazine.  In 1986, the band signed with Azra Records and recorded and released their second album, “Give it Up”.  This band then went on to create the following albums “Delivering the Goods”, “No Limits”, and “Angeles Miracles” which sold worldwide.  A number of their songs including “Nasty Girls” was played on National Radio Stations.  In 1999, their song “Can’t Find the Words” was featured on station 95.5 Local Licks Sunday Night Program.  Angeles was honored to not only be featured on the program four times but were the only band to have six songs played during a single program.  During one week in 1999, “Can’t Find the Words” was played 527 and continued to be played on radio stations for the next 3 months.  Impressive!

Angeles continues to write music and has also played with the following rock legends Jefferson Starship, Robbie Krieger of the Doors, Jack Russel’s Great White, The Tubes, Foghat, Michael Schenker, Dokken, and Y&T.

The band released their album "No Limits in 2013 and in 2014 "We're no Angels" was declared platinum with over 1 million sales worldwide also in 2014 "My Girl" hitting the hot AC charts at 47th. In 2015, Angeles acquired the very talented and rocker sexy vocalist, Claire Diane releasing their album “Wild Ride”.  In 2016, they signed with Rock Avenue Records releasing their album “Crazy” featuring their hit song, “God, Country, and King” with over 1 million views and climbing on Vevo.  Rock Avenue Records just released the bands newest album “Killers of the Game” on April 22, 2017.

Killers of the Game

The band’s newest album is, Killers of the Game, and it is getting strong attention and for good reason.  I, Joe Bennett, was fortunate enough to listen to this album in its entirety prior to writing this article.  Every song on this album is exceptional and we at TalentRaters highly recommend purchasing this album.  The vocals and musicianship are impeccable with respect to every song on the album. One of my favorite songs on the album would Killers of
the Gamehave to be “Fallen”.  Lead Guitarist, Dale Lytle, tells TalentRaters Magazine, “You know I wrote this song from the heart and know it’s coming to life in our prized album, Killers of the Game. “  Lead vocalist Claire Diane composed the entire chorus emulating the sounds of angels crying out in exultation.  This sensational singer has such an angelic, spiritual, and signature quality to her voice that one cannot help but be blown away.  Dale Lytle does a masterful job on guitar making his guitar cry.  It has such a haunting mystical and spiritual quality with a stellar groove throughout and a message that everyone can relate to. We all have had those times in our lives where we truly have fallen from Grace.   

“Cold Day in Hell” is another song of this album that is immensely popular among their audience.  The song starts with a cool floor tom solo transitioningKillers of
the Game into killer guitar riffs and fierce penetrating vocals.  

“Keep on Dancing” commits with a psychedelic rock groove somewhat reminiscent of ABBA. 

“Killers of the Game”, is another one of my favorites starting off with another haunting intro and then into a strong rocking groove.  This song also paints a powerful picture or story of how our soldiers are recruited to fight for a thankless government.  I’m not going to discuss every song on the album, but before I close this article I want to mention “Long Gone” which has a great rock vibe throughout and Claire’s vocal reminds me of the late great Janis Joplin while Dale Lytle’s guitar solos cry out with poetic and rhythmic beauty.  One thing to note is how Dale’s guitar playing intertwines with Claire’s vocals.  Let’s not forget the phenomenal drumming of Danny Basulto and the sweet basslines of Cal Shelton throughout every song of this killer album.  Finally, I’d like to close with Angeles’s version of “Whole Lotta Love” which is just spectacular, as good as it gets! 

TalentRaters is honored to feature Angeles on the cover of the second installment of TR MAGAZINE.  Like a fine wine, Angeles only gets better with time.  Not many bands can say that they have become a legacy or legendary. Angeles is certainly a band that can! Be sure to page to their article and full photo layouts inside the magazine.    

Please be sure to purchase a copy of the band’s recent featured cover release TR MAGAZINE ISSUE 2, THE ANGELES EDITION, and have it signed at their next concert.  Please also support this legendary band by purchasing a copy of their spectacular hit album, KILLER'S OF THE GAME.



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  • Angeles, it is an honor for TalentRaters to feature such a legendary rock band on the cover on TR MAGAZINE. There are not many bands around these days the compose music as skillfully and masterfully as Angeles. We look forward to more great music for many more years to come. Rock on!