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Grand Masquerade

The Grand Masquerade Expert Interview

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  • Monday,Aug 07, 2017
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MasqueradeA Band that is Much More than their Music-The Grand Masquerade

"A band is so much more than just its music. It should be experienced." - The Grand Masquerade

Yes, experience. This is exactly what top rock bands like The Grand Masquerade (TGM) give you. True to their name, the band is nothing short of grand. Their music is unlike any other with their 80's glam and hair metal with a twist from the modern pop music. Typically, people who love Queen, Kiss, and Def Leppard are the people who groove with the music of Max Martin and The Grand Masquerade as these bands were their major music influences also.

 Like many other bands, the members – namely John Sebastian, Lead Guitar, Ivve Danelli, Lead Vocals and Guitar, Freddy Claye, Lead Vocals and Bass Guitarist and Martin Rhyder, Drums – have played in a lot of different bands before uniting The Grand Masquerade. As fate would have it, they found each other while attending school and together they started an amazing rock band. Now they have been sharing their music with people for a year and a half now.Grand

However, the obvious question here is how did the band come up with their name The Grand Masquerade? The name came from another project that Ivve Danelli had before with Andreas Erikson from the band Inglorious, but that project didn’t push through. John Sebastian loved the name, The Grand Masquerade, and thus they all decided that it suited them perfectly.  Therefore, the whole band agreed to the name! So far, the band is currently working on putting the songs together for a full album and have already released one EP with 5 songs. All of the songs that they have written are their favorite because the inspiration has sprung from different directions and emotions that are all equally important.

The Grand Masquerade is certainly a standout band, which makes the band more interesting. The combination of the venetian masquerade from the 1800s and the 80s music is something new to the scene. Bringing theatrical aspect to the stage is not done very often but The Grand Masquerade does it effectively with as little effort as possible. They bring a full-package show that their audiences will surely deem unforgettable.  Another band that certainly knows how to emulate the 80’s vibe would have to be Scare Card interviewed by TR MAGAZINE in May and June of 2017.

In 5 years, they see themselves on the road, having a blast, and having already released a few records. With the bands undeniable talent, amplified by their passionate determination, they have the stars within their reach. 

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  • I love you guys. I, for one, was always a fan of the 80s glam bands Motley Crue, Poison, Cinderella, and now The Grand Masquerade. What a beautiful sound you put forth. Two thumbs way up!!!