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Sarah Sokal

TR’s Interview on Adult Contemporary Music with Sarah Sokal

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  • Wednesday,Aug 09, 2017
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SokalFall In Love With Sarah Sokal Canadian Singer

On March 8, 2017, Talentraters stumbled upon yet another amazing artist, Sarah Carmen Genevieve Sokal, also known as Sarah Sokal. Although she's based in Montreal Sarah's heritage goes way back to the French-Canadian native ancestors, from the province of Quebec in Canada. She grew up in the suburbs from a comfortable background. Her family is made up of down to earth folks, well-educated people. Some are lawyers and doctors while others have a master's or a bachelor's degree. Sarah was raised exclusively in French (Canadian French) and learned English later in her teens especially when she while working in a Chinese restaurant at 16. Telling TR more about herself she added:

"I was always the black sheep in a way. I was a strong willed, independent girl with lots of sensitivity, personality and an artistic flair who created songs."

About of Sarah Sokal's History

Born with the gift she possesses, Sarah Sokal started singing at a very young age. She wrote her first song called "I lost my mind" at 15 years of age on a VHS "audio" tape. According to her, most of the family meetings would transform into Showtime. Sarah Sokal is an adult contemporary artist. She's a vocalist and likes using her full range in ballads but can also create fun and rhythmic songs with a soulful rendition that fits her personality. In a question about her musical influences she responded to TR saying:

"I feel like a nice pop beat and vocal melody without being RnB gels with who I am and my type of rendition on stage as well. I do have many influences from Folk To blues to world music as well so I like to incorporate some of these genres into my creations."

A person is born with a talent but one always needs the inspiration to bring it out. Her music is inspired by little things like feelings or a smell when entering a particular location a feeling or something that reminds of a past experience in childhood. Sarah Sokal believes inspiration is really everywhere, but it translates into what a person is going through in his or her life at the very moment. Sarah likes to write half fictional songs where she makes up a story but describes it with true actual feelings concerning her own life. She further added:

"The funniest thing is learning so much about me when I listen to my lyrics the first time!"

This talented lady has penned many songs but Sarah's favorite is "City of Airplanes" because while writing this song she had a vision, just like a painting when she got her inspiration. She then told TR more about her feelings saying:

"I was just standing in a parking lot near an airport when a large airplane passed over a top of me. It made me realize how small I was under the sky when thousands of airplanes are flying everywhere all over the world. I wondered how many people were watching airplanes at the very same moment. Very deep stuff..."Sarah

"Broken Promises" is her second favorite song. It talks about the expectations in relationships. The song reflects the cause of the "broken hearts experience". The song talks about broken promises and the situations where love is promised to last and people say extraordinary things to each other, but when it doesn't last, they feel like all of it was just a joke, a game: The game of love.

Sarah Sokal told TalentRaters that being an artist these days is like living in a harsh reality of technological innovation. The business models are completely different and the industry hasn`t yet completely adapted to this reality. A $1 download or handling all costs without a backing label, financially speaking has many artists are struggling. Many artists are starting as independent on digital platforms and need artistic guidance. You need to have a strong will and a tough demeanor, break doors to make a name for yourself. There is no such thing as managers in the independent music business. You have to be ready to put in the big work and be smart.

Sarah Sokal has obtained a Canadian Government funded - FACTOR demo grant for her song `"Ink and Paper" and a Runner-up award at the International contest "Song of the Year".  In the USA songwriting competition, she was a semi-finalist. Currently, after trial and error, she is dead set on recording an EP with Adult Contemporary Juno (Canadian awards) nominated producer "Albert Chambers". Sarah Sokal has had the privilege to work with Philip Faith. He has been published in many Canadian magazines. He often uses latex, blood, fabrics, and even animals in his photo shoots. Philip Faith is not only a photographer but an artist as well. He has designed logos for Sarah Sokal. In a question regarding updates on recent events or gigs she replied:  

"I am working on my best songs to date to create maximum impact and we are already set up for festivals performing with known acts in Canada and iSarah
Sokaln the USA with my manager from Nashville."

Sarah's words to her fans:

“If I met myself 10 years ago I would have said this to her:  Just take out everything about you, your personality, what you like to do. Listen to your heart, money or the fame, it's all short lived so just go and do what you have to do with your life. Never doubt yourself… You've got this!

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to thank Joe for an easy and pleasant experience with the TR MAGAZINE team."

Thank you all for reading my interview, you can discover more about Sarah and her music here:  Also, click on my images above to be directed to my official pages.

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Falling Slowly (Official Music Video)

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  • You have such a lovely voice, Sarah. This is such a beautiful song. You sang it so beautifully. It has been a pleasure interviewing and featuring you in TR MAGAZINE. We wish you much success in your music career and in life!