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To Be the Best You Have to Invest

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  • Friday,Aug 11, 2017
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investWhy is it Important to Pay it Forward?

Life is not a free ride or a one-way ride as most people suppose it is. Life has always been a give and take, as an anonymous wise man once said. You have to give before you can take. It is pretty much the same with every single thing throughout life.  You have to invest in your career in order to advance. Even a pro track star must purchase his running shoes. An artist must buy the canvas, paint brushes, and paints to begin painting. Nothing takes place magically. You think Pablo Picasso woke up one day and was a famous artist instantly? Perhaps Da Vinci encountered a fairy godmother, and with magic, came to be the artistic legend that is remembered throughout the ages?

These entities are proof that hard work and investment go side by side to make anything happen, to make all your dreams come true. There is no short cut, let alone talent itself could get you what you desire unless you invest mentally and physically.  A musician has to buy an instrument or learn to play before he or she can enter professionalism. The moment you enter professionalism your dreams become the business, involving you and many others in the chain from production to advertisement/promotion etc.  

To invest is to not only to spend your money, but also involves your time and attention. Whatever you do in this world will require your attention, time, and money.  When it comes to investment one is always giving away something so he/she can benefit or rejoice later. Investment, one may say, is the backbone of any business or job. As long as you invest right and wise from the first step to the last, nothing can stop you.

Investing money is the process of committing resources in a strategic way to accomplish a specific objective.”

~ Alan Gotthardt, The Eternity Portfolio

Invest in Production

Investment is the most important part of your business plan. Suppose you had a grand plan and you had ideas flooding your mind, but without capital or investment do you think you could go very far? Could you carry out the implementation of all your plans without any investment? Besides, there’s no reward without an investment.  Similarly, an artist has to have the means to make his or her dreams come true. A singer will have to not only put in time and effort but also the financial investment. You cannot expect the music producer to not charge you for many reasons. He is also needs to make money so, he can pay his expenses and continue providing his professional services. If you think Coldplay or Michael Jackson found a magic lamp to reach the top you’re wrong. No genie helped them reach the top. It took years of hard work for them to get where they are. All their investments paid off, none of their gigs went without people screaming in awe and paying to see them. What you invest today is pretty much what you’ll get tomorrow or God knows, even that much more. Furthermore, fame and profits literally depend on your diligence and talent.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to following your dreams. You’ll be surprised to learn how many young artists who are popular today that began singing. Kurt Cobain didn’t come from wealth. He rose to it. He was just another nobody child who liked to strum the guitar. Do you think Kurt got the guitars, guitar picks, and other gear for free? Do you think Dave Grohl never changed the heads of drums or got his drum kit for free? Always remember nothing is free!  Haleh Sabri, who against the odds, strived to follow her childhood dream of becoming a model. She invested throughout her journey, taking acting roles when offered, staying active with multiple modeling agencies, spending a good time in gyms to stay fit and now that she has elevated her status, she is mentoring other young models and helping them to attain their goals. Now, she’s investing her talent in talents. Zaq Dain of All7Said is another artist that is known for giving back.  Not long after being published in the TR MAGAZINE blog, he surprised them by doing a beautiful rocking video endorsement. To become a successful artist, you must lose the mentality "I am an artist and everything comes free!"

Invest in Advertising/Publicists/Promoters

After you have invested in the production and have a brilliant work of artistry to show off to the world, of course, you’re going to need advertising and promoters. You alone can’t do it! Not even with the availability of social media where you’re lucky to hit 3% of your friend base. Say you decide to go on your own because, hey, why pay the cost of advertising when you can do it all by yourself and some friends. You’ll become a distant memory in a matter of days; statistics show that 2 in 10 will be able to even see the masterpiece you have created.  You may share, share, share your artistic posts until the cows, but honestly how long has it been taking for you to hit the so called “top”?

How long have you been going it on your own?  How’s it working out?  “To be the best you must invest”.  Who knows the affects that poor advertisement could have on your career? So, you see, investment is a requirement. Hire a magazine to write about you or have a multinational business or professional sponsor you because if you want to stand out amidst the swarm of other artists you need to be as vibrant and visible as possible. People need to see you in order to know about you. Once you start recording songs, you’ll need a talented promoter, someone to take the burden of familiarizing the world with you.  So make sure you do your research to find the right producer for your artistic needs.  How do you think the Backstreet Boys rose to fame? Not everyone is born into fame. Some artists were zilch, just like you and me. Who really knew AJ McLean before the Backstreet Boys became famous? It was only when Nirvana signed with Geffen, that they become available to gazillions. When you invest in music make sure you invest right, sign up your band or yourself with the right record label etc.

Invest in Voice

The journey from a raw to a refined talent is not an easy one. One has to struggle to become better. Some of you must be wondering how you can invest in your voice. If you’re a talented individual you could opt to study YouTube tutorials. There are many professionals offering free singing lessons on YouTube. You can also invest in your voice by enlisting in music schools and if you’re a talent hirer seeking the best vocalist or a singer you must invest in finding one. Many entertainment shows like “The Voice” these days are providing the new artists with dozens of opportunities. Back in the old days, everything was a hassle. Now pretty much everything is offered to you on a silver platter. 

Give and Take

Life has always been give and take. No matter the course you’re on when you have been given so much, when you have attained so much in life, you have to return it. Haleh Sabri, interviewed not so long ago by TalentRaters , didn’t rise to fame overnight. She made tough choices and investments to be where she is today. Now that she’s a model, she has become guidance to other young models. Not just returning what she has obtained and learned but she has also been promoting TalentRaters MAGAZINE. She even went on inviting the president of TalentRaters to her big NYC fashion show.

Another amazing artist, more like a one man band, that TR interviewed All7Said pays out of his own pocket for merchandise. To be where this one man band is today investments were made not just in terms of finance but also in every day struggles and hard work.  Let’s think of some of our top US celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.  They are notorious for giving back to their live audiences and TV viewers.  They showed love to their “Fans” or supporters by giving them all sorts of prizes.  Cars, cash, scholarships, and on and on and what happened as a result?  They became even wealthier.  What’s the moral of this article?  Always be thankful when you are individuals help you from the goodness of their heart, make a point to give back.  Pay it forward. In return blessings will come to you a hundred fold!

Precisely speaking, between your dreams and making them a reality stands nothing but an investment. The entire game from bottom to the top is about investment. To be the Best, you have to Invest!

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