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Venus Mars Project Brings You A High Quality Pop/Rock Sound

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  • Wednesday,Oct 12, 2016
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This is an interview conducted by Joe Bennett of TalentRaters and Venus Mars Project

Venus Mars Project (VMP) has been together for nearly four years and before they found each other they had both been in touring bands.  They essentially have been entertainers their whole lives and were fortunate to meet each other and to have formed this band. 


The members of Venus Mars Project are as follows:

            Jacyn Tremblay: Vocals, Writer

            Peter Tentindo: Vocals, Guitars, Writer

Venus Mars Project has put 4 singles together so far, and a full album and EP are in the works.  This band has many more songs that they are excited to start recording soon!

When asked, “What is your favorite album?” Peter replied, “That’s a tough one!  I love a variety of different kinds of music of which rock is my favorite.  I wouldn’t say I have a favorite album, but I am heavily influenced by classic rock bands like the Beatles, Kiss, Van Halen, and Journey.  For modern music, I enjoy bands like Paramore, Walk the Moon, and The 1975.”

Jacyn stated, “Favorite album? Honestly, it’s been so long since I have bought an album.  I admit that if I love a single I will just keep buying the songs I like only.  With that being said, the most singles that I have purchased from an artist in the past year is Tori Kelly.  In my opinion, she is one of the most authentic and talented female artists out there right now.  She is story teller.  Every time I’ve seen her perform or heard one of her tunes on the radio I can tell she is connected to her material 100%.  I admire that she writes her own stuff and is a genuinely soulful artist.  Her album is called; Unbreakable Smile and I highly suggest picking it up if you haven’t already.” 

Jacyn and Peter are the original members of Venus Mars Project and they started as an acoustic duo, writing songs and performing, but they also perform as a 6 piece band when they do bigger shows.  Venus Mars is fortunate to have several talented friends in their band who help take their music to the next level and create the energy that they love to give our audiences.  Any time this is on stage it’s a thrill for them having played at fairs, festivals, and theaters.

Jacyn and Peter met at an audition for rock horror musical in Salem, MA called Scary Mary and the Audio Corsette.  They found that they had a lot of similarities and goals as musicians, even though they both came from different musical backgrounds.  Jacyn came from the Pop/R&B world while Peter came from a rock background.

When asked, “What inspires you to make music?” Jacyn replied, “For us it's been a way to express our thoughts and feelings about life situations. Music is something that everyone can relate to. Peter and I write about stuff that happens in our day to day lives and how we perceive those experiences. I think that when you feel like you can reach another person and or people with something you have to say through a song, it is extremely rewarding. We have always been affected by music in our lives and feel that it's an honor to be able to create something that resonates with another human being. The fact that we can connect with a stranger through our music is inspiring. We believe that music is a high form of communication. Being songwriters and performers has been rewarding in ways that we never imagined.”  Nothing makes Jacyn and Peter happier than connecting with their friends and fans in a live setting!

Peter, when asked who does the songwriting, said “We both are the main songwriters, but we have worked with other producers and writers on our music as well.  Our song LaLaLaLove was co-written with producer Anthony Resta, who’s also worked with Extreme, Duran Duran, and Collective Soul.”

Venus Mars Project is located north of Boston, residing in the North Shore area and they love to perform anywhere and everywhere the music takes them.  They have performed at numerous venues on the east coast and cannot wait to expand further!

A major goal of Venus Mars Project is to strive to become a household name, and to put out a positive and relatable message to our audience. We absolutely love performing, and we want to make our living doing music full time.  The thing that VMP loves most about making music is creating something that is true to us. Thankfully we have the freedom to create whatever we are feeling on a given day because we're in charge of our own project.

The advice that the band would like to give to aspiring musicians and talents is to be true to yourself and your art with what you create. For us, our songs are inspired from real life experiences. When something comes from you, it's truly authentic and people can tell that you're connected to your material.

Venus Mars Project would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to Joe Bennett and TalentRaters for conducting this interview and for providing this exciting new platform artists and talents of all types throughout the world.  To our friends and supporters worldwide, we are always thankful.

TalentRaters would also like to take this opportunity to thank Gerg Anidem with IndieSceneRadio (ISR) for connecting us with this excellent band. Find Gerg at and be sure to catch his show and live chat with the artists on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 PM to 9 PM EST. Hot Female Vocalist  Upload Amazing Talent Video

Please listen to our featured video below, Hands of Time, a song that illustrates the importance of cherishing each moment life gives us.

Hands of Time (Official Music Video)








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