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  • Friday,Jul 07, 2017
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Mombasa being the city of diverse population consists of different cultures. Its history goes way back to the 16th century, and since it has been reined by the Portuguese, Arabs, and British, the town’s culture took a great impact upon itself.  Albeit, civilization, and westernization may have devoured most of the traditions of Kenya, the natives have somehow kept the traditional music and dances alive. The utmost important part of the entire Kenyan culture is music and dance. Kenyans have used music and dance as a means of communication throughout history.  Dance is every so often a component of religious rituals, like marriage and child naming ceremonies. Costumes in many of the traditional dances are a necessity, as are the props. Dancers often wear disguises and carry shields and swords, as well as other articles. Being a harbor of music and dance the city has birthed many talented artists over time. 

Mohamed Ismat bron in Mombasa County

One of the artists Kenya has produced is Mohamed Ismat of Mombasa County. Born and raised there, he went to Burhaniyah primary school and Tudor day High school. Today this wonderful human being is a Dancer (choreographer), Yoga, Aerobics, instructor, community health, and a social worker.  He started showing interest and began dancing at an early age in high-school.  Although he was passionate about dancing, he pursued his studies at Ammarcom institute. Throughout the journey, he came across people who gave him the motivation to chase after his dream instead and helped him to exploit his talents.

Mohamed Ismet was trained by the world’s reputed Choreographers such as Tero Saarinen from Finland and Marieke Van Der Ven from Holland. Being trained by the reputed choreographers was a dream come true for him. He had to encounter many hurdles even before his dancing career began.  Finding a place to train and finding himself a dancing crew was the first ones to befall him. Being a newbie artist in the industry, he didn’t have the slightest clue regarding his journey in the dance industry.  He started dancing in 2010 at G-Cleff dance crew first, then the Dabs dancers 2013. Then in 2014, he formed Dabs Allstars. Albeit, he’s still the part of Dabs Allstars, these days he’s working on some solo projects. He finds his inspiration in simple things and emotions like love, friendship, heartbreaks, and life problems as these things have a great impact in anyone’s life.  His best friend in life and ideal is none other than Abdikalif Adan. Working for the community as a health worker, swimming and listening to the music are his interests, 


Passionate dancer Mohamed Ismat of Mombasa

Being a passionate dancer that he is, Mohamed Ismet has also been featured in many dance competitions like Sakata East Africa Mashariki dance competition seasons, katika dance show, Orange beat ya street, Sarakasi Dome, Talanta event dance show at Mombasa, and Break Session Mombasa. Today, he himself is the founder of the Break Session Mombasa.  This emerging talent of Kenya not just enjoys performing but also takes great pleasure in teaching others the Breakdance (B-boying). The very foundation of his teaching is history and musicality, as he believes that these are the fundamental qualities of any dancer. He started his teaching career in 2015 and since then has had the opportunity to teach in countless congresses like Africa dancer, Agha Khan Academy School Festival, Beach Festival, etc. 

When it comes to promoting what he loves - dancing - he has prearranged a medley of events such as Break Sessions, Parties, and Workshops, which he continues to do so even today. In 2016, Mohamed Ismet pioneered “Coming to your hood” with his friend and this project turned out to be an achievement. The project, to this day, continues and focuses on Breakdance lessons and social dancing.  As a creator of his dance groups Dabs Allstars and Break Sessions Mombasa, his foremost objective was to facilitate and encourage the students to learn by recognizing the genesis of music and dance.  At present, he’s teaching in many countries like Mombasa, Nairobi, Malindi, Voi etc. He uploads many of his videos on YouTube and shares his works on Instagram as well for the world to see.


He’s already on a stairway to stardom but he aspires to become a legend and an icon in the dance industry both, nationally and internationally. He believes he can conquer the entire world someday with Dance. 

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