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Jenny Kim Thiem

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  • Friday,Jul 14, 2017
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It's all about (the) the amazing Jenny Kim Thiem duo gravity

Sheer brilliance is what happens when one is a singer, a contortionist, and an aerial acrobat all at the same time. When there's two of them, performing on stage, prepare to be mesmerized. These artists, Jenny Kim Thiem and Adalid Urbina, do just that; they make people say "WOW". Together they are "Duo Gravity" because what else would they call themselves? It is the perfect name.  They are an acrobatic duo currently based in Germany, where one of their rare fusion acts "Diamonds", singing on aerial silks, is featured at the renowned Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart. They do aerial and ground based acts but they specialize in rare fusion acts combining aerial acrobatics similar to Grace Good featured earlier in TR MAGAZINE and live singing. That would mean performing tricks in the air while singing, at the same time! I guarantee you; there are not many who can do that. TalentRaters was fortunate to find this dynamic circus duo to feature in TR MAGAZINE.

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Jenny Kim

When they're not in the air, they also do ground based acts like duo adagio, which is partnering acrobatics, or contortion acts, cube juggling etc reminding us of Antonio Moore of Cirque de Soleil. Jenny Kim Thiem has been on stage professionally for almost 10 years. After retiring from dance, she now works exclusively as a circus artist. Meanwhile, when they are not training or travelling abroad for performances, they are outdoor lovers. Biking and hiking are some of the things they love to do during their free times. Their act and performances require lots of materials and props, more importantly their costumes which Thiem designs and sews herself.  They use different aerial apparatuses like silks, Lyra/aerial hoop, trapeze, aerial crystal ball, flying suspension system, bungees. During contortion acts, they use a specially built table also designed and built by Adalid himself. He on the other hand, performs his cube juggling act with a rather large metal apparatus called a juggling cube and when singing, they use a headset microphone. Duo Gravity has performed for a wide array of companies.

Thye have performed for theaters, circuses, dinner shows, hotel resorts, cruise ships, special events and galas all over Europe, the United States, as well as the Middle East. After a recent contract on a cruise ship, they were working in a circus and some galas in Germany. They have travelled to many places and every time in each place, it gives them a different experience and feeling. The many cultures, languages and people they have encountered throughout their career truly gives them all the reasons to love what they do that much more. To them, it is important that aspiring artists, like they were once, should never stop believing in themselves no matter what. Duo Gravity hopes to be able to keep doing what they are doing without any setbacks or anything that could hinder them. Make sure to register at TalentRaters Executive Search for free today.

Jenny Kim

"The moment you step out into the ring, or the stage, the moment when the curtain opens and you are blinded by light, All eyes on you and silence in anticipation from your audience. There is a stillness, a tension, complete focus, because the audience is unsure what to expect what you will do. It's all up to you. This moment belongs to you. Then we start our act and with the first applause the audience is with us. We take them on a small journey and in return their clapping and gasping carries us through the rest of our act, until we take our compliment. There is nothing more rewarding. If the audience applauds in appreciation, then we did our job well" - Jenny Kim Thiem, Duo Gravity

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Aerial Silk Performance (Official Video)

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