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Lysanne Richard

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  • Wednesday,Aug 16, 2017
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RichardRecently TalentRaters, exclusive talent search, had the honor of interviewing yet another extraordinary talent; professional High Diver, Lysanne Richard. In this mainly male dominated sport, this spitfire of a women has more than made her mark.  Currently, residing in Montreal, the Canadian native took the world of high diving by storm from a very early age. Born in Chicoutimi Quebec, Lysanne started her voyage at the age of 9 competing in both provincial and national events. By the age of 10, taking on her first high dive performance at the Village Vacances Valcartier, outside of Quebec City which seems to of been nothing less than a springboard to a lifelong passion and many outstanding awards and accomplishments spanning across the globe ever since.

In her own words, “I dove for 3 years, at the national competition level, when I was a kid. Then I stopped diving and did circus acrobatic. 20 years after I am back to diving, training for high diving. I have been competing on international level since 2015.”

Graduating from the National Circus School of Montreal in 2004, Lysanne went on to be, not only an accomplished high diver but circus performer as well, appearing in shows and competitions all over the world, including Canada, The United States, Mexico, France, Japan, Mexico, Oman, Bermuda, Azores, Russia and Brazil since 2000.

As an accomplished high diver she took 1st position in the Real Diving Chiapas, in Tuxtla, Mexico in 2001.   In May of 2015 she took 2nd place at the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition in Texas.   It seems 2016 was her real year to shine, taking an impressive list of awards across the globe.

3rd Place in the Red Bull Cliff Diving championships in Shirahama Japan

2nd place in the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships in Portugal

2nd place in the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition in Wales

1st place in the FINA High Diving World Cup in Abu Dhabi

1st place in the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships in Italy

and 1st place in the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships in Bosnia which earned her a overall 2nd place ranking for the 2016 season for Red Bull Cliff Diving.

Topping off this highly accomplished and whirlwind of a year, she was awarded “Best Female High Diver of the Year” in the FINA 4th World Aquatics Convention for the year of 2016. Furthermore, she went on to serve as an Expert analyst for Red Bull Cliff Diving broadcasting with TVA sports also in 2016.

It does not stop there!  Lysanne has been an ongoing character and acrobat with Cirque du Soleil, from 2005 to this day. For many she has become a household name, widely known for her appearances in many circus and high diving shows in Canada, United States, Bermuda, Mexico, Dominican Republic, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Scotland, Oman and Japan.

TalentRaters asked Lysanne what was her highest dive? “I learned high diving from 26 meters, it was my highest high dive, after I kept doing high diving shows, the high dive where always somewhere between 22 and 25 meters. Now in Red Bull Cliff Diving competition women compete from 20 to 23 meter and in FINA competition the height is 20 meters.”

TalentRaters asked Lysanne to tell us something about herself ? “I am the mother of three.  We enjoy every activity around sports and outdoors. I am also circus artist and motivational speaker.”

As the interview goes on we learn...

TalentRaters: How much training is required to become a professional diver?

Lysanne: “Everyone has a different background, but the most important part in high diving is space orientation. I train about 30 hours per week.”

TalentRaters: Describe the feeling before you dive, your state of mind? 

Lysanne: “ This is a mix of fear and confidence, there is a lot of adrenaline and calm at the same time. A big sensation of freedom.”

TalentRaters: Name some of the best diving locations and landscapes you’ve dived from?

Lysanne: “ A cenote in Mexico was amazing. The Azores are incredible too, we dive directly into the ocean and there is a lot of waves.”

TalentRaters: Did you compete as a diver?  If so, please discuss.

Lysanne: “From the age of 11 to 14, I was in a sport-study program and competed in provincial and national competitions in Canada.”

TalentRaters: Are you still diving at present?

Lysanne: “For now, I am healing an injury but I will be back at the pool mid- September and on competition in October.”

TalentRaters: What is your circus talent?

Lysanne: "I did bunch of circus disciplines. I studied at National circus school. Did trampoline, trampowall, hand to hand, russian bar, russian swing, cyr wheel, character and clown."

Lysanne further tells TalentRaters: “In 2016, I was named ‘Female high diving athlete of the year’ by FINA, I won 2 gold medals on Bull Cliff Diving 2016 series.  I didn’t compete yet in 2017 because of my injury but I will come back strong soon.”

“Thanks to Joe Bennett and TalentRaters for this interview. Thank to my family, my parents, husband and 3 kids and my coaches for their support.” ~Lysanne Richard

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