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Indie Rock Band Cruel Miracle is Dialed in Starring Superb VocalistTotal Views: 1295

  • Thursday,Sep 22, 2016
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1. How long has Cruel Miracle been playing together?
We have been together two years as of September 2016.

2. Who are the members of Cruel Miracle?
    Sadie Vada - Vocals
    Sir-Ken Celli - Guitar
    Charlie Black - Bass
    Luis Castellanos - Drums

3. How many Cruel Miracle albums are there?
We have released one so far; 'Manifesto,' --our debut album. It received an official full length play on radio for the first time on The Gerg Show on IndieSceneRadio.

4. What is your favorite Cruel Miracle album?
We are so proud of our first album and as we are still working on album number two we can share some of our favorite tracks Manifesto

    Sadie: The Space Between
    Ken: Get Some!
    Luis: Do You Owe Me?
    CB: Just Take It Now

5. Are you all the original band members of Cruel Miracle?
Yes - Sadie, Ken, CB & Luis. That's the official Cruel Miracle Line-up!

6. What is your favorite concert location and venue to perform at?
Ralph's Rock Diner in Worcester. It was one of the first venues Cruel Miracle ever played, it's a bit symbolic for the band.

7. How did all of you find each other?
We all came together through the Boston music scene.

8. What is the name of your most recent album?
 Our album is titled 'Manifesto'. A manifesto being a public declaration, this body of work is a kind of introduction as well as an amalgamation of    our artistic vision.

9. Who does the writing for Cruel Miracle?
Our writing is very collaborative. All of us have a hand in the process.

10. Where do you get your writing inspiration from?
 Inspiration for writing music really comes out of our personal lives. We try and translate our emotional and physical experiences into our work--in      the recordings and in our live performances.

11. Where is Cruel Miracle Located?
 Cruel Miracle is based out of Boston.
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12 What is or what would be your favorite state or country to tour?
Ken: I want to play Japan, everyone is big in Japan. Haha.
Sadie: I want to play a show in every U.S. State. Every single one!
CB: I love playing live. As long as people are digging the tunes and they feel like they are part of the CM family I'd play anywhere.
Luis: Hard to pick one specific country so I will say all over Europe. Sadie Vada - Vocals

"To all of our friends, supporters, and top rock bands worldwide we are always thankful. Special thanks to Joe Bennett and TalentRaters for this interview."

TalentRaters would also like to take this opportunity to thank Gerg Anidem with IndieSceneRadio (ISR) for connecting us with this excellent band. Find Gerg at and be sure to catch his show and live chat with the artists on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 PM to 9 PM EST.  Hot Female Vocalist

Do You Owe Me (Official Music Video)


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